Happy Birthday to Books 6/24-6/30

There’s nothing better than a new book, and today, we have five of them for you! Take a look at the coolest titles being released this week.

A Midsummer Tights Dream by Louise Rennison (June 26, 2012, HarperTeen)
In the sequel to Withering Tights, Tallulah Casey is back for her second year at Dother Hall, a performing arts school. This time, though, she needs to put in a lot more effort if she’s going to pass her finals and save Dother Hall from shutting down. But which will prove to be the greater challenge: stopping her school from closing, or dealing with the pesky boys at the neighboring Woolfe Academy?

Blackwatch by Jenna Burtenshaw (June 26, 2012, Greenwillow Books)
The second book in Jenna Burtenshaw’s Secrets of Wintercraft series finds Kate, a girl with the power to cross the line between life and death, in deep trouble. The enemy wants to imprison her, and her own people want to use her abilities as a weapon. Kate has to flee to the underground tunnels beneath her city as war rages above her. Will her alliance with notorious murderer Silas Dane help her save the city before it’s too late?

Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel (June 26, 2012, Random House)
It’s Depression-era Kansas, and Callie LeRoux’s mother has just disappeared during a dust storm. At the advice of a mysterious man, Callie heads to California to try and find her parents, accompanied by a friendly hobo boy named Jack. But everything isn’t as it seems. Callie is half-fae, and now all the different fae groups are out to get her. Soon, the constant dust storms are the least of her worries.

Secret Letters by Leah Scheier (June 26, 2012, Hyperion)
Dora’s greatest ambition is to leave her boring life behind to solve mysteries. So when she gets word that Sherlock Holmes might actually be her father, Dora can’t wait to join him in London to investigate a crime involving her cousin. But when she arrives, she learns Holmes is dead, and Dora has to take the reins of the investigation. Aided by her sleuthing skills and a handsome young detective, Dora must step up to clear her cousin’s name.

A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young (June 26, 2012, Balzer + Bray)
Elise’s life is turned upside down when she wakes up one day with no memory of her past. As she tries to piece together who she is, she can’t help but notice the suspicious things going on around her. Why are Abe and Harlin, two boys in town, so eager to win her affection? Why can she suddenly understand the minds of people she’s never met? And what are the mysterious Shadows that everyone keeps warning her about?

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