Stolen Contest Winners!

Gemma, the captured heroine of Lucy Christopher’s Stolen, is forced to confront her kidnapper time and time again throughout the novel. In honor of the heavily second-person narration of Stolen, we challenged you to write a story in which a victim addresses his or her adversary. You wrote, voted, and we sent the ten finalists to Lucy Christopher for judging. Lucy chose the winners, and wrote comments for each of the finalists. Check out the winners below, and congratulate your fellow Figs!


First place:
Never Leave by Grace F

Lucy says: “This is an intriguing and mysterious piece, leaving much unsaid and many questions in the reader’s mind. It is this quality that makes this piece stay in the reader’s thoughts long after she’s finished reading. This story functions perfectly as a complete piece and yet also could be part of something much bigger. In my opinion, this is a fantastic example of a very competent short story. It has some wonderful images and sentences, it hints at something bigger, but ultimately, it leaves you to decide what it is all about.”

Congrats, Grace! You will receive a copy of Stolen and a $15 gift-card to Amazon.

Second place:
Trapped by Kirsten

Lucy says: “This is a very powerful piece of writing. The tension of having such high stakes of life/death/punishment/entrapment keeps us gripped. I love the sparse prose and the attention to detail. The surprise ending is especially good, but I wonder if you could have spent a little longer on building it up?”

Way to go, Kirsten! You will receive Stolen and a $10 gift-card.

Third place:
Just Remember This by Ava Jennings

Lucy says: “There’s a great sense of energy to this piece, and a fantastic voice. We keep reading because we enjoy this character. I also like that there are things unsaid in this piece, parts of the story left for us to imagine. I also appreciate that you have approached this topic in a very different, and clever, way. Though I do feel your ending could be expanded a little.”

Great job, Ava! You will receive a copy of Stolen.

Lucy also had comments for the other finalists:

Sincerely by Camillo P.C.
Lucy says: “There is some strong imagery in this piece, but I wonder if you could have spent a little longer building up the plot line? The message is excellent.”

You by Hannah Nikka
Lucy says: “The narrator’s voice is quite strong and the list idea works well. Is the misspelling and lack of punctuation intentional for the voice?”

Stain by Suzanne Beaumont
Lucy says: “I like the way this story surprises me as I read it. I also like its very direct address to the reader, and the ending is powerful, too.”

Dear Me by Kelsey Garman
Lucy says: This is an interesting psychological piece that makes the reader think as well as question what’s really real. I also like the intimate narrative style. Intriguing!”

Her Name by Chelsea Celeste
Lucy says: “This is a powerful piece of writing, with a fantastic surprise ending. I especially appreciate the perspective that this piece is written in: not from the girl or the abductor, but from the weak friend looking on. It is very clever that we the reader feel and understand the narrator, even though he is entirely unsympathetic. The final sentence is especially powerful. There is, however, a curious shift in narrative style within this piece; I think it works better when we are clearly in the mind of the friend looking on”

You Called Me Pet by AvlyTopaz20
Lucy says: “Gosh, that’s a very powerful and dark piece of fiction! I appreciate the second-person narrative that this piece is written in and think it helps add to the tension and drama of the situation. I also like the repetition of the word “Pet,” and the dialogue from the kidnapper is working very well indeed.”

Promise (Shortened Version!) by Lylajasmine
Lucy says: “This is an interesting story, with a strong sense of plot, and one that probably deserves more words to flesh it out. Perhaps you could now work to expand it into a longer piece of fiction, spending time building up the characters and various storylines?”

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating!

One thought on “Stolen Contest Winners!

  1. Even though I’m not one of the three winners, I’m very proud of myself and the other winners/finalists that worked very hard to get this! While it would have been great to win, we made a great accomplishment simply by getting our work read by an author!
    Great job to everyone! 😀

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