Vampire Showdown

On Sunday, July 8 at 8:00 p.m. ETJustine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan will be chatting on Figment about what it was like to collaborate on their funny vampire novel, Team Human. It’s a book about a small town in Maine where vampires and humans co-exist. When a vampire starts attending the local high school, Mel is not pleased. When he starts dating her best friend, Mel is furious.

The chat will be hosted by Scott Westerfeld, author of the Uglies quadrilogy and Peeps, a book with fangs of its own.

If we needed three people to represent the human race, Scott, Sarah, and Justine would be our choice (before you ask, yes. Alan RIckman said he was too busy.) But which nightwalkers should rep Team Vampire? Cast your vote in the vampire showdown and knock out the weakest contenders. The ultimate vampire will be announced at the beginning of the chat on July 8th! Let the battle begin!


The Boyfriends
Edward Cullen (Twilight)
Strengths: Windswept hair. Selfish self-sacrifice.
Weaknesses: Unironic enthusiasm. Emotionless brunettes.
Power move: Sparkle motion



Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
Strengths: Smoldering. Deep emotional relationships.
Weaknesses: Jealousy. Vampire-mama drama.
Power move: “How could you?” eyes



The Bad-Asses
Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Strengths: Attitude. Great game face.
Weaknesses: The death of rock and roll. Bleach-induced breakage.
Power move: The Snarl



Eric Northman (True Blood)
Strengths: Height. Ruthlessness.
Weaknesses: Blonde fey. A hidden soft spot.
Power move: One Raised Eyebrow.



The Hunters
Selene (Underworld)
Strengths: Vengeance. Feminine wiles.
Weaknesses:  Stoicism. Innocent human males.
Power move: Massive retaliation.



Blade (Blade)
Strengths: Invulnerable to sunlight. Cool glasses.
Weaknesses: Self-righteousness.
Power move: Wesley sniping.



The Classics
Dracula (Dracula)
Strengths: Turning into vapor. Age.
Weaknesses: Garlic. Lack of soil from the homeland.
Power move: Super cape.



Lestat (Interview With A Vampire)
Strengths: Insanity.
Weaknesses: Insanity.
Power move: Insanity.



Which vampires should progress to Round 2? Vote!

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13 thoughts on “Vampire Showdown

  1. Ok, so, I get the whole, Stefan VS. Edward, but, what happened to Damon?! He’d win in a heartbeat!

    Bad-Asses- Hmmm…. Hard to tell…

    The Hunters: SELENE FOR THE WIN!!! <3

    As for The Classics, I say lestat, no I haven't seen the movie, Just read the book. So I'm basing my knowledge from there.

    • Well Damon should be in the Bad Boy section and he should’ve won that. But he has no business in the boyfriends department he hasn’t been one yet…Stefan wins there no doubt!

  2. Damon Salvatore should be in the ‘bad boy’ section. He wins by a landslide simply because he’s the embodiment of both good and evil, leaning a bit toward the dark side. 🙂

  3. Regarding the best boyfriend category, is this a joke? Stefan just swam away and let the love of his life drown… way could a vote for a vamp that would do that, no way in hell.

  4. Damon hands down in the “Bad Ass” section as a write in. I keep trying to vote for Stefan in the “Boyfriend” section but every time I click done, my vote changes to Edward! WTH!?!

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