“Team Human” Authors Share Their iChats

Sure, you have lengthy iChats with your BFF while doing your homework (or hanging out on Figment). But do you ever accomplish anything productive during those gossip-fests? Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan, authors of Team Human did. They came up with the idea for their new novel one evening while chatting about a certain vampire movie. That conversation led to many more as the book was being drafted. It’s the only way the two could have collaborated: Sarah lives in Ireland and Justine splits her time between Australia and New York. In fact, the two didn’t even see each other until after the book was published!

Sarah and Justine have been nice enough to share one of their iChats with us, so you can get an little insider’s look into their writing process. If you want to learn even more about Team Human and Sarah and Justine’s experience collaborating on a novel, tune into our live chat, “Writing with Friends” right here on Figment on Sunday, July 8 at 8:00 p.m. E.T. Oh yeah, Scott Westerfeld will be hosting!

Sarah writes about this particular chat: “While we were writing, we’d chat as well as send emails and let each other know how it was going. And then we’d chat while editing each other’s chapters, or re-editing our own, or when we got to a stage when we were like, ‘Let’s fiddle with the story a bit . . . hey, who wrote what anyway?’

“In this chat, we are going back and forth on a chapter about our heroine, Mel, and her best friend Cathy and their first, unplanned visit to a handsome vampire’s house, where they meet his vampire family and a human boy who lives with them . . .”

“As you can see, I am the romantical soul, which is probably why I would be much more likely to date a vampire than Justine. And Justine is the one who is of the mind that ladies should be independent and bring their own hoodies. Since I am also into independent ladies, Mel did, indeed, bring her own hoodie. And her best friend Cathy probably didn’t, but everyone was too busy going ‘good lord, her Indian name is Fainting With Vampires’ . . . she’s overwrought . . . to notice that she might be chilly.

“This scene, which involved both Mel breaking out of her own home and then Cathy and Mel breaking into the vampires’ house, was—as you can guess—not without incident. 😉 Neither was co-writing, but it was a whole lot of fun!”

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  1. It’s funny how they talk about them wearing sweatshirts in Maine.. I’ve lived in Maine my whole life and honestly, there’s only like 2 months of summer. But it does take a lot of reasearch to write a book so I admire them for wondering about it.

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