Happy Birthday to Books 7/1-7/7

It’s almost the Fourth of July! While you’re saying happy birthday to America, take a look at some awesome new books who celebrate their birthdays this week, too!

Once by Anna Carey (July 3, 2012, HarperCollins)
The sequel to Eve finds Eve in a women’s colony, safe from the dangerous world of The New America. But when Caleb, the love of her life, needs her help, she sets out to find him and ends up imprisoned in the capital of The New America, exactly where she doesn’t want to be. Now, Eve must try and to escape her captors. The path in front of her is perilous, and she faces the horrible prospect of losing Caleb forever.


Waking Storms by Sarah Porter
(July 3, 2012, Harcourt Children’s Books)

In the second book in Sarah Porter’s Lost Voices trilogy, Luce the mermaid has decided to split with her tribe for good. Soon, it becomes clear that it won’t be the clean break she wants. The other mermaids in her tribe want her back, even if their evil queen doesn’t. And Luce also has to contend with Dorian, the human boy seeking revenge on her. But Dorian might not be the enemy he appears to be. Will their relationship be able to survive the human-hating mermaids?


The White Glove War by Katie Crouch and Grady Hendrix
(July 3, 2012, Poppy)

The Magnolia League represents the height of glamor and sophistication in Savannah, but the group has a dark secret. Because of a pact they made with a neighboring hoodoo family, they can use potions and enchantments to get anything they want. Hayes Anderson has never questioned this world. But as she discovers more about her family’s mysterious past, she begins to realize things aren’t as charmed as they seem.


Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
(July 3, 2012, HarperTeen)

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, but what was going on in Neverland before Wendy and her brothers turned up? Tiger Lily doesn’t believe in happy endings, but then she meets Peter Pan and her world is turned upside down. But will Tiger Lily risk the safe, familiar life she leads among her tribe to run away with Peter? And will Wendy’s arrival in Neverland ruin everything?


The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life by Tara Altebrando
(July 5, 2012, Dutton Juvenille)

Mary Gilhooley is sick of high school. All she wants to do is go to college and leave the bullies at Oyster Point High behind. Before she can do that, though, she and her friends are competing in the annual scavenger hunt, and Mary is determined to win. The stakes are high, and Mary and her friends have to step up their game to prove they’re serious about competing. Can they take the top prize—and be remembered as high school heroes—before someone else does?

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