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Barbara Abercrombie knows that every writer needs a little encouragement sometimes.  The author of fourteen books, articles and essays in national publications and anthologies, not to mention her weekly blog for writers, Barbara knows that it takes patience and commitment to find and sustain inspiration.  A distinguished writing instructor at the acclaimed Writer’s Program at UCLA Extension , her latest book, A Year of Writing Dangerously, is a treasure trove of quotes, lessons, anecdotes, and prompts designed to keep writers energized.

We’re thrilled that she’s sharing a theme with us, taken from her next book Kicking in the Wall, a collection of prompts based on quotes from writers about writing.

Barbara suggests that you take five minutes to respond to one of the following prompts, adding that when given a time limit, “Writers get out of their own way when there’s no time to think or revise. It’s like a mini-deadline.”


Figment Daily Theme–July 5, 2012

“My aging was very sudden. I saw it spread over my features one by one, changing the relationship between them, making the eyes larger, the expression sadder, the mouth more final, leaving great creases in the forehead. But instead of being dismayed I watched this process with the same sort of interest I might have taken in the reading of a book.
– Marguerite Duras

Write about a time you looked in the mirror and thought you looked older. Write about how you felt – dismayed, resigned, or interested.

Write about a time you looked in the mirror and really liked what you saw.

Write a scene in which your character looks in the mirror and makes a decision.

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