Stars! They Read Like Us: Charlie McDonnell

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Charlie McDonnell, aka charlieissocoollike, reads like you. Except cooler. And he’s just like your average vlogger. Except with 1,500,000 YouTube subscribers. And he’s just like Daniel Radcliffe. Except he answered one more of our bookish questions, “to compensate because, you know, Daniel Radcliffe.”

What’s the book that you’re proudest of having finished?
The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter. I’m a very slow reader, and that book is like two full length books in one. 693 pages. I loved it all though, even if it did take me a good few months to get through.

Have you ever lied about having read a book to impress someone? (If yes, what was the book and why?)
I never overtly lied about it, but I’m pretty sure I avoided mentioning the fact that I hadn’t read the entire Harry Potter series to someone that I was dating once. I’ve read it since, though. (I swear!)

What are your five Desert Island Books?
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud (something brilliant to read) and the entire Twilight Saga (something no-so brilliant to use as firewood).

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Who?
I had to think LONG AND HARD about this one. Ahem. I’ll go with Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Mainly because I’m pretty sure I still have a bit of a crush on her now.

If you could play any character from a book, who would you choose?
Spider-Man. Does it still count even though he’s from a comic book though, not a novel? Just to cover my bases: Spider-Man from Spider-Man: The Official Novelisation of the FilmΒ by Peter David. I’d really like to be Spider-Man.

Do you have a book on you right now? What is it?
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I bought it on iBooks before jumping on a 13 hour flight to the US recently–it really helped!

What’s the best book to give to someone you secretly want to ask out?
Guiness World Records 2012, because I’m on page 11. I assume it wouldn’t be very good at getting the message across. Alternate answer: The Art of Toy Story 3.

What’s the one book that would be a deal-breaker if you saw it on a date’s bookshelf?
I’m not sure I can say–after all, you don’t have to actually agree with/enjoy the contents of a book just because you own it. I’d have second thoughts about anyone who enjoyed The Secret,Β though. Alternate answer:Β The Art of Cars 2.

25 thoughts on “Stars! They Read Like Us: Charlie McDonnell

  1. Charlie is pretty much one if my favorite people of all time time and it’s cool to hear about the stuff he likes to read.

  2. Lol,love the Twilight crack! Mine would be Hunger Games as firewood though.

    ‘(something no-so brilliant to use as firewood).’

    That a typo?

  3. I was about to have a heart attack when he mentioned Twilight… and then he said he’d use it as firewood. Thank God. I could have died a horrific death over that!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie! He’s one of my favorite vloggers!

  4. Figment, you are officially epic. Charlie is like one of the coolest people I’ve never met! Twilight as firewood- totally Charlie~
    This is just awesome!! Thank you so so much for the interview!

  5. I love how Figment has been focusing a lot on Youtubers recently. As a Youtubers, I think that that is awesome. On another note, I love and respect Charlie so much; I met him at vidcon and he is just simply lovely!

  6. Yes! Charlie! My hero! First Alex, now Charlie? FIGMENT IS MY KIND OF HEAVEN! This interview made me giggle πŸ™‚

  7. Kind of a coincidence that all this Charlieissocoollike stuff starts happening right as I get into it! >w< Love you, Charlie!

  8. i think the secret is a good book. it was a good movie anyway. and this makes me sad since i love charlie XD oh well i guess that’s 1 fangirl down and 1,499,999 fangirls to go :-/

  9. Ohmygod. You got Charlie on here. And he answered so freaking beautifully. Like, I loved him before, but as soon as he answered Ariel…yep. It’s official. My love for him now spans Disney Princesses. Oh, yessssss. xD

  10. I kind of spasmed when I saw Charlie’s name
    and then almost screamed in anger when I saw the “DR.” instead of Doctor
    I am not a major nerd
    I swear

  11. Really, Twilight isn’t that bad (if you look at it in JUST the right angle). Well, I guess it sort of is boring for the average dude, but I’d choose something in a different language to use as firewood. Maybe the Twilight series in…Turkish. Or better yet, find some books in Braille with the plastic page coverings and take them with you. Piece the plastic together, and build a shelter!

  12. LOVE HIM!

    Anyway. There IS a good use for the Twilight books…

    (I’m frightened by the first sentence of his answer to the fictional-character-crush question.)

  13. I have seen a few of his videos, so when I opened up the email, he caught my eye. This was really cool:)And HUZZAH for comic book nerds!!

  14. I’m very surprised that Charlie has read the Spider-Man novelization. I always loved reading the Marvel movie novelizations and I never knew anyone else who enjoyed them.

  15. This was very funny! I loved the comment on twighlight (like so many others) but the one on ariel really made me crack up. I wish I knew more of the book references though, I was never into comics πŸ™
    Can figment get an interview with Lizzie Bennett from lbd? That would be just amazing! Although I’m not sure if anyone can rival Charlie πŸ™‚

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