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He’s the host of PRI’s pop culture radio show Studio 360, a columnist for The New Yorker and Time, a former editor-in-chief of New York magazine, the co-founder of Spy magazine, and a New York Times best selling author: Kurt Andersen is clearly a Renaissance writer, and it doesn’t stop there!  He has written for television, feature films, even Broadway musicals–and now, in honor of his newest novel True Believers, which arrives in bookstores today (!), he has even found time to write for Figment as our Daily Themes guest author!

True Believers centers around the story of a teenaged girl in the 1960s whose youthful secrets continue to haunt her life, ultimately playing out in her relationship with her 17-year-old granddaughter. The novel explores the similarities and differences of being young 45 years ago and now, and in his Daily Theme below, Kurt asks us to think about how the passing of time affects us all.

Figment Daily Theme–July 10, 2012

You can live forever. You’re not a vampire or a god, just an ordinary person–except that you’ve been granted immortality. And you never grow older physically–the age you actually are is the age you were when you became immortal. So now, 100 years into your endless life, you’ve had a lot of time to consider the consequences of an existence without end.

Write about how immortality has shaped who you are and how you feel and think and act.

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