“The Forsaken” Book Trailer

Lisa M. Stasse creates a bleak future in her debut novel, The Forsaken. In the United Northern Alliance—the super country composed of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico—rebellion is not tolerated. And in order to avoid even the potential of an uprising, every sixteen-year-old must take a personality test to determine whether they will be a future agitator. Alenna, an orphan whose parents were taken by the U.N.A. police, fails the test in a major way . . . and is sent to The Wheel, an island where the most violent would-be criminals are forsaken (see what we did there?).

As Alenna discovers the ways of The Wheel, she learns there is only one thing that will save her life: escape. Check out The Forsaken book trailer below (the book goes on sale TODAY!), and keep an eye on Figment for more Forsaken-y goodness!

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