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In Soulbound by Heather Brewer, Kaya has a big problem. She wants to be a Barron, a warrior, but she’s destined to be a Healer, someone who cures Barrons’ wounds. She decides to learn to fight in secret, but first, she needs someone to train her. Kaya asks Trayton, the nice guy who never does anything wrong, and Darius, who always seems to be in trouble, to help her out. Which one will break the rules for her?

We asked you to write a story about a love triangle like the one Kaya faces in Soulbound. The entry period is over, but you can still vote for your favorite contest entries until Monday, July 16, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Heather Brewer will pick a winner from the top-voted finalists!

Speaking of winners, here are the awesome prizes that the authors of the top three stories will receive:

First place will receive copies of Soulbound, First Kill, and an Advanced Reader Copy of Second Chance (which won’t be released until October!), all by Heather Brewer.

Second place will receive copies of Soulbound and Twelfth Grade Kills by Heather Brewer.

Third place will receive a copy of Soulbound by Heather Brewer.

13 thoughts on “Vote in the Soulbound Contest!

  1. I am asking the judges to please read my work. Not to enter the contest but just to acknowledgement my work that I tagged wrongly. I worked hard on it all day and just wanted it in the contest. Just to have it read by the judges would be amazing and enough for me. The name of my short story is “Murder in The first Degree” You could find it among my other writing. Thank you for your tome and I hope you all hear me and acknowledge my cry for help and can help my infortunate perdicument. It is under my account Joseph Pinkney.

  2. I’m not asking for anything, or criticizing anyone, but I think that some of the entries in this contest that got the most votes are really basic. A lot of them are about High School Romances. That’s not very original, is it? I’m not saying their work isn’t good, I’m just saying that they aren’t very original. My entry only has about 50 hearts, but I think it deserves more because it’s very unique. It has nothing to do with high school or anything remotely close to this time. I would really appreciate it if someone would give some attention to my entry, Anthem. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  3. I somewhat agree to Kalyns comment. I only liked my story and well really it doesn’t matter how many hearts I get on it. I just would like some people to read it. I can’t say I worked days on it, but I know I got dizzy afterward which means it has to be good to some degree. I don’t know. Its not really my place to complain or say anything so I guess whoever wins wins and well yeah. Good luck guys :3.

  4. I agree with Danielle and Kayln. Just because your story doesn’t get hearted doesn’t mean it isn’t a great story. A lot of people may have just chosen not to read it.

  5. Haha…no one can spell my name right. T_T Anyway, it says we can vote until the 16, but it’s a couple days past that. When will the winners be announced?

  6. Haha, back again…wondering when the winners will be announced. It says July 16th, but it’s obviously well past that.

    PS: No one knows how to spell my name right T_T Except Danielle 🙂

    • Hey Kalyn-

      Voting ended on July 16th, but the finalists must be confirmed before we move to the next round of judging before winners can be chosen before winners can be announced! So we’ve got a bit of time until winners are announced still. Good luck!

  7. I’ve gotta question:
    I’ve entered this contest, but am nowhere near the top ten (only got one heart) and just today I edited it (on microsoft word) and was wondering if it would be alright to apply those changes here on figment, or would I have to wait til after the winners are announced?
    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me because I’m itching to “officially” edit/udate this piece- it’s simply unsatisfactory in it’s current state.

    • Hey-

      If you’re sure you didn’t crack the finalists, you may make edits to your story, just note that this may invalidate your entry.

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