College Essay Writing Class with Figment!

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Not to yuck your yum, Figs, but college application season is almost upon us. The 2012-2013 Common App comes out August 1, and from there, the torrent of tests, applications, and essays begins.

The essay is the real bugger. How do you write something that makes you stand out from the pack? You’ve got to grab your reader’s attention, right from the start. And how do you do that, you ask?

By creating a strong hook, the kind journalists and writers use to capture their readers’ interest with that first sentence, and not let go. In Figment’s online College Essay Writing Class you’ll learn how to do just that. Over the course of three weeks, you’ll brainstorm essay topics that are uniquely you, workshop your ideas with your instructor and peers, and craft a strong attention-grabbing essay open. By the end, you’ll walk away with a piece of writing that leaves your readers caring so much that they are left wanting more.

The course will be led by Hillary Frank, a YA author, journalist, and acclaimed radio producer, who has been guiding students for years to use the tricks of her journo-trade to write application essays that get them in.

The three-week intensive online class ($100/student) will be offered August 6-24, and spots are limited, so if you’re looking to hone those essay writing skills, signup now. Click here for the details!

19 thoughts on “College Essay Writing Class with Figment!

  1. Will this class be offered in following years or is it a one-time thing? I’m an upcoming junior and as much as I’d like to take this class, I feel it would be better to wait until I’m a senior and am actually preparing to write my college essays.

    • Hey Cat- This is the first time we’re offering it, so there are no guarantees, but we’d love to make this an annual thing!

    • It’s never too early to start writing that essay. If you are applying for scholarships, then it would be a perfect class. I work with high schoolers in that department. I encourage them to start applying in their freshman year since that is when most scholarships open up. Also it gives you a leg up to be prepared now and be a pro come next year!

      • Im only a sophomore but am interested. Do you think I should wait? If this WILL become an ANNUAL class, which I hope it will, I’d rather do it when I have more to talk about. What do you guys think?

  2. Since this is a college application course, do we need to have a specific college in mind so we can write for that college? I’m not exactly college age but I’d love to see this offered annually!!!

  3. I have to say I applied, and was accepted to, 11 colleges over the course of my senior year and not once did I have to write and essay for my application. I DID however, have to write many many essays for the hundreds, literally, of scholarships that I applied for. Both for the particular schools and for scholarships I found on websites like,, and

  4. I wish I could do this I’m in a Con.Edu course atm in college and im not sure when I’ll be applying for part or full time college again. But I wish i had the money for it. I think I might take a writing class at my community college a little more expensive but easier to work at.

  5. i love that figment does these. but hate how we have to pay. why do they have to be so expensive! we are kids! we are saving up for college you know

  6. I would love to do this class, but because I am saving for a car I just cannot afford to dish out $100 at the moment. Is there any kind of scholarship or financial aid to help? I know this is just an online class but it kinda sucks not being able to participate in a helpful class to help improve my writing and my college chances just because of the cost.

    • Oooooh, just relized that i need to dish out the 100 dollars :C well if there is a scholorship id love to do it!! 😀

  7. I’ll be starting my freshman year of college this fall! Please make this an annual thing, because I’d love to do it in the upcoming years!

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