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Writing is a lonely life, even for loners, so it’s important that we remember to stick together.

Authors/screenwriters Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies know this perhaps better than anyone: the pair, who write under the portmanteau pen name Lex Thomas, not only banded together to write their first novel, QuarantineThe Loners, but they also placed the idea of sticking together to beat the odds at the heart of their awesomely creepy tale–the story of brothers David and Will Thorpe, who must fight to survive after a deadly virus breaks out and quarantines them and all their classmates at school for over a year!  With no adults to supervise and food supplies running low, what starts out as simple hostility between cliques evolves into all out gang warfare.  Banding together is the only way Will and David will make it through.

And in the spirit of that kind of dogged determination through collaboration, Lex and Tom are sharing with us this week’s Daily Theme, designed to help keep us going just a little longer.

Figment Daily Theme–July 19, 2012

We’d like you to create a character that you LOVE, a character that excites you. Write one scene that shows how great that character is, something that makes the reader connect with them, and then kill that character off. This will be hard to do to someone you love so much, but that is your challenge. You must find a way to make that death satisfying to the reader.

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