Soulbound Short Story Contest Finalists

Kaya, the main character in Heather Brewer’s new novel Soulbound, is caught in a love triangle with good guy Trayton and bad boy Darius. In honor of Kaya’s story, we challenged you to write a story about a love triangle. You entered and voted, and now here are the top finalists! Heather Brewer herself will be picking the winner. Check out the finalists here and be sure to wish them all good luck!


A Sad Love Story by Melody Auburn

Cuttlefish by Sarah E. Seeley

The 25 Cent Promise by Paige Marie

The Accident by Dylan Stamp

Falling Incorrectly by Annika Olives

Soare by Avri

Best friend Boyfriend by Mackenzie Bath

Love and Logic by Christy Brownd

Snakeskin by Jenna Rayman

Wretched Love by Emi B

He Loves, She Loves, They Love by Dreamer Girl

Unhealthy by ♡~Mermaid Annabella~♡

Scarecrow by Arabia “Another Girl” Knight

My Duty to the Atlantic by Itlnbrt

The winner will receive a copies of Soulbound and First Kill, and an Advanced Reader Copy of Second Chance, all by Heather Brewer. Second place will receive copies of Soulbound and Twelfth Grade Kills by Heather Brewer. The third place winner will receive a copy of Soulbound.

Note: Due to an error in Figment’s vote tallying process, we’ve named an extra 4 finalists.



4 thoughts on “Soulbound Short Story Contest Finalists

  1. Hi, I’m kinda new to Fig. I only have 9 followers so I didn’t have as fair of a chance as the people that have been on here for a year or two. Along with other new figs i didn’t find it very fair because i had a very good story. I wish you all the best of luck, but i do hope figment resolves this problem to give everyone a fair chance.

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