Winners for the Infinity Flash-Fiction Contest

Adam knows when you’re going to die. Sarah knows how. And their daughter can switch death-dates with anyone she wants giving her eternal life. Dates are an important part of Infinity, the final book of Rachel Ward’s Numbers trilogy, and some people are willing to do whatever it takes to live forever.

Inspired by the importance of dates in the Numbers trilogy, we challenged you to write a story based on a particular date each day for a week. The Figment Team read your entries and sent the ten best from the entire week to Rachel Ward, who chose the grand prize winner. Today, we are pleased to announce the winning entries!

Grand Prize Winner:

The Healer’s Daughter by Carly Gordon

Rachel said: “Congratulations to Carly for such strong writing, which takes the reader into an intriguing world, with a voice that is endearing and engaging. The first sentence is genius.

Congratulations, Carly! You will be receiving a copy of Numbers, The Chaos, and Infinity, as well as a $25 Amazon gift card!

Figment Editors chose five daily winners for the contest:

Day 1 Winner: The Woman by joanna

Day 2 Winner: Before the Common Era by Dani Walters

Day 3 Winner: Snowy City by Padfoot

Day 4 Winner: Fighter by Liv

Day 5 Winner: Sixteen by Nikki.

Congratulations! Each daily winner will receive copies of Numbers, The Chaos, and Infinity.


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