Happy Birthday to Books 7/29 to 8/4

Summer’s almost over and the first day of school is just a few weeks away. What better way to say goodbye to summer vacation than with some new books?

Hide and Seek by Sara Shepard
(July 31, 2012, HarperCollins)
In book four of the Lying Game series, Sutton and Emma are identical twins with one major difference: Sutton is dead and Emma must find out who killed her. Emma takes her long-lost twin’s place in Sutton’s adoptive family and quickly learns that this seemingly-perfect family has a lot of secrets. Can the twins find out who wanted Sutton dead before Emma is next?


Dare Me by Megan Abbott
(July 31, 2012, Reagan Arthur Books)
Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy are best friends. Beth calls the shots and Addy carries them out. Now, as seniors, they rule the intensely competitive cheer squad—until the new coach arrives and things change. Coach draws the girls into her circle, but Beth remains on the outside, unsettled by the new regime. After a suspicious suicide, the investigation falls on the cheer squad, Addy tries to uncover the truth, but nothing is as it seems.


The Far West by Patricia C. Wrede
August 1, 2012, Scholastic)
Eff is the unlucky thirteenth child in her family but she is also the seventh daughter. In the conclusion to Patricia C. Wrede’s Frontier Magic series, Eff’s decision to go on an expedition to map the far west will take her farther than anyone she’s ever known. As the group treks across the frontier, they are faced with strange creatures, magical and non-magical, and Eff must find a way to use her magic to save not only her team, but all of Columbia.


Destiny by Gillian Shields
(July 31, 2012, HarperCollins)
In the conclusion to Gillian Shields’ Immortal Series, Helen’s dark past comes back to haunt her when a new high master arrives at Wyldcliffe. But there’s also a new student, Lynton, and he may be the love Miss Scratton promised would be waiting for Helen. With her friends Evie and Sarah, Helen must fight to overcome the darkness at Wyldcliffe, but are they ready to sacrifice everything to fulfill their destinies?


The Invisible World by Suzanne Weyn
(August 1, 2012, Scholastic Press)
Elisabeth James has powers she doesn’t completely understand. Her gifts are supernatural, but not evil. When she sets sail for America with her father and governess, she doesn’t foresee the ship’s wreck. Elizabeth washes up on a South Carolina plantation, where she falls in love with a boy. She is sent to be a servant to Salem, Massachusetts, and she must find a way to save herself and the boy she loves from the infamous witch trials

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