Homepage Stories: Olympic Fever

We are just jazzed about the Olympics, and in order to celebrate in a Fig-tastic manner, we hosted an Olympic flash fiction contest so even the less-than-graceful could join in on the fun!

The Figment editors chose the five winning stories to be featured on the homepage. These stories describe the intensity and excitement of the Olympic games with perfect clarity.

The Golden Moment by yaping

“This, right now, is the golden moment.”

Inspire a Generation by Jessica A

“I looked up, and I knew that I had inspired a generation.”

Dive by Kate

“My concentration has muted the rest of the world.”

It’s Time by Viktorya Saroyan

“Cameras clicked and reporters wandered around the scene greedily, trying to get any sort of news.”

Go for the Gold by Faith Mellark

“My heart is pounding, but with excitement.”


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