Dinosaurs, The Doctor, and Daleks, Oh My!

What’s the first thing someone sees when they discover Figment? YOUR stories! Everyday, five fig-tastic stories get a special 24-hour feature on our homepage. In case you didn’t catch them at first glance, here are the stories on today’s homepage and a little insight behind the daily theme.

Figment HQ is full of proud Whovians, so we were obviously over the moon about the recent release of a Season 7 preview. We just couldn’t keep our joy to ourselves, so we chose some of our favorite Doctor Who fan fiction to feature on the homepage.

No One is Ever Alone by Raven Norton

“Every night before I went to bed, I would wonder what it would be like to travel among the stars.”

Another Time Lord by kiwilovekyah

“Doctor, don’t you think she is a little young to travel with us, you know all the ‘monster type aliens’.”

Come With Me by Hannah the platypus(!!!)

“Where’s my therapist?”

He frowned, confused.

“Would that have been the thin brunette who smelled like peanuts?”

How the Doctor Saved My Life by lilyan

“I was sitting at a table with a man, a strange man, and we were drinking tea. He had a bow tie. He was making jokes.”

The Girl Who’s Waiting by Bad Wolf

“Rory was skeptical. It looked to him like a watch with a broken hand. But hunting for aliens beat Last Hit anyday, and he’d rather play with Amy than the other kids.”

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch below!

2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, The Doctor, and Daleks, Oh My!

  1. I’m so happy that there are so many fellow Whovians out there that I just want to make up a song about it (I’m not going to though.) :¬)8

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