Dance Your Heart Out

What’s the first thing someone sees when they discover Figment? YOUR stories! Everyday, five fig-tastic stories get a special 24-hour feature on our homepage. In case you didn’t catch them at first glance, here are the stories on today’s homepage and a little insight behind the daily theme.

We’re pretty big fans of Bunheads, so we’re super psyched for tonight’s new episode, “Blank Up, It’s Time.” As a special treat, tonight’s episode features Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance! Because we wanted to share our dance-crazed excitement with all of you, we’re featuring some of our favorite ballet stories on the homepage today. Check out the stories below, and watch a preview of tonight’s episode!

Until We Die by *~Dana~*

“From the moment I started to dance, I knew it.”

The Fallen Swan by Chloe Wright

People admired me. They envied  my dancing, the beauty that leaked from my fingertips, my toes, from the ends of my hair when I twirled around all the other dancers, a glittering spotlight stalking me.”

The Ugly Dancer by ✎Cyder

“The petite five year stood meekly as silent tears built up in her eyes.”

Passions Call by L.D. Taylor

“I slightly part my lips letting out my breath along with that hint of nervous butterflies that had earlier settled in the pit of my stomach. The butterflies leave me and now there’s only one thing left to do.”

Ballet Slippers by Cerulean

“I know I’m dying. No one has to tell me that.”




Check out the preview for “Blank Up, It’s Time”

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