Pop Culture’s Greatest Twins

In Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman, twins Rachel and Alice are so identical that nobody, not even their family, can tell them apart. But their connection is more than just an uncanny physical resemblance: Whenever one twin feels pain, the other one feels it too. So when one of the twins goes missing, the other one starts experiencing physical traumas, even though she hasn’t been hurt. Something is very wrong and she has to rely on their intense bond in order to find her sister.

The crazy close connection that Rachel and Alice share got us thinking about all of our favorite pop-culture twins. There are a lot of great sibling duos out there, from the silly to the sinister. Which set of twins is doubly excellent? Take a look at our picks for pop culture’s best twins and vote below!

Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter
What’s not to love about Fred and George? They’re always the life of the party and have a great sense of humor, but they’re also not afraid to fight the Dark Arts. It’s been five years since the release of Deathly Hallows and even the mention of Fred’s death scene is enough to make us want to cry ourselves to sleep again. Who will finish George’s sentences now?! *sob*


Luke and Leia from Star Wars
They may not know they’re twins at the beginning, but Luke and Leia made a killer team from the start. And even though their dad is Darth Vader, it doesn’t stop them from fighting against him. Together, they save not only their friends, but the entire galaxy. We, uh, just won’t talk about that kiss in Empire Strikes Back . . .


The Grady Twins from The Shining
Even if you’ve never seen The Shining, we can almost guarantee that if we say, “creepy twins,” these scary little girls are the first duo you think of. There’s some debate about whether or not the characters are supposed to be twins, but the actors definitely are, and their sinister stares are eerily identical. Excuse us while we go have nightmares.


Melanie and Allyson Porter in Passport to Paris
These twins have some pretty cool adventures together. They jet around Paris on mopeds with cute boys, befriend a supermodel, get arrested, and somehow convince the French foreign minister to pass an important proposal. Since the Olsens are experts at playing twins in, like, everything, our biggest challenge was deciding which of their brilliant roles to include.


Patty and Selma Bouvier from The Simpsons
Marge’s older sisters have been appearing on the Simpsons for almost twenty-five years, making them some of the oldest twins in our poll. Patty and Selma may have their differences, but there’s no doubt that they’re extremely devoted to each other. They’re even identical in their hatred of Homer.


Phil and Lil DeVille from Rugrats
These babies are pretty much the definition of double trouble. Between their passion for eating worms and their constant arguing, it’s a wonder Tommy and his crew are able to get anything done. But Phil and Lil are always up for adventures, and at the end of the day, they really love each other. . . almost as much as they love dirt.


Zack and Cody Martin from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
These twins may look alike, but they couldn’t be more different. Cody’s studious and mature, and Zack is, well, anything but. Despite their opposite personalities, Cody gets sucked into Zack’s schemes, and the pair is always wreaking havoc on the Tipton Hotel. Why is Cody so easily influenced by his brother? Well, Zack is ten minutes older . . .


Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap
Of all the twins on our list, Hallie and Annie definitely look the most alike. Come on, Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan are identical! The separated-at-birth twins try to pull off the ultimate prank: They trade places to trick their parents into reuniting. It’s lucky that Lohan looks so much like herself!

So which of these sets of twins is the winningest—or should we say, twinningest? Vote below, and if you’ve thought of an awesome sibling pair that we left out, let us know in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “Pop Culture’s Greatest Twins

  1. So many good pairs of twins to choose from! Ahhhh! Fred and George, Luke and Leia, Hallie and Annie…I don’t know who to pick!

  2. Oh, Fred and George win it by a landslide, although Hallie and Annie would definitely come in second. Personally I thought the Weasley twins were a tad lacking in the movies, but that could just be my overly high expectations of their purely inhuman awesomeness. 🙂

  3. The Grady girls were twins in the movie but just sisters in the book (age’s eight and six), but they’re still creepy!
    My vote has to go to the Weasley boys, hands down. You can’t beat that incredable duo!!! I was so sad when Fred died. When I read the book I threw the book at the wall, and I cried during the movie.

      • I know this is a bit late but I sob everytime I think of George having to run the jokeshop w/o Fred and having no one to prank with or having to finish his own sentences. 🙁

  4. There are a lot more popular twins in pop culture that didn’t make the list. Mind you, the Weasley twins hands down on those on the list. However, I’m a little sad to see that Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin from the manga Ouran High School Host Club aren’t here… Oh well…

  5. It’s so tough to choose between Fred and George, and Luke and Leia! I love both of these pairs! I mean, there’s a mutual understanding, and love, and caring… An unexplainable bond, actually. As an only child, I’ve always wished for a twin, someone as awesome as these four.
    Oh, and btw… They say that left handers had a phantom twin who disappeared in the mother’s womb itself. And I’m left-handed. *sob*

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