Vote in The Fear Cover Design Challenge!

We challenged you to design a cover for Charlie Higson’s new novel The Fear—the third in his Enemy series. Some of your entries were gruesome (we knew we were asking for it with a zombie-themed contest), but others were more understated.

We loved them all, so we were supertotally excited that Charlie Higson had the task of choosing the 10 finalists. And choose he did! Check out the ten finalists below, and vote for your favorite. You have until August 17 to vote!

The winner will receive a one-of-a-kind copy of The Fear from Hyperion, professionally printed with his or her cover design! Which is, like, so cool, amriite?


3 thoughts on “Vote in The Fear Cover Design Challenge!

  1. My cover the first one at the top! Cool. I actually used my scanner to take the photo rather than a camera, because I wanted it to look like a zombie was at the window, and all bloody.

  2. Wow . . . you’re cover is amazing (and that’s a MAJOR understatement). Considering the fact that I can’t cover design to save my life, i thought they all look epic, but yours severely inspired me ;).

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