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What’s the first thing someone sees when they discover Figment? YOUR stories! Everyday, five fig-tastic stories get a special 24-hour feature on our homepage. In case you didn’t catch them at first glance, here are the stories on today’s homepage and a little insight behind the daily theme.

In honor of last night’s $320M Powerball jackpot, the Figment homepage stories are all about money today. If you didn’t score tons of cash in the lottery yesterday, never fear! Read these awesome stories to cheer yourself up!

Being Rich is Such a Bore by Joshua “LF” Mitchell

Every day I’d wake up
And be served by servants, four
But this wasn’t enough
Being rich is such a bore

Deceit by Natalie McNichol

I was so fortunate to have Evangeline; she was the princess of Raoul after all. She just saw me one day in the streets, and knew she wanted to be with me. It was love at first sight, or so she told me. The only thing that was keeping us apart was the bag I now had with me.

Money by Clara Rice

The clean paper notes,
From the bank machine,
Coins different shades of brown and grey,
To be spent on trivial things

The Jeweler’s Son by Indigo Crow

The huge gem was a radiant ruby, colored a passionate hot-blooded red, and it shone so much in the light that it seemed to glow of its own accord. 

That Good ol’ Money Tree by Michael Judas

When I get to the peak, I’ll want tranquility
So, I’ll buy a priestly man for longevity
He can pray for my immortality
But all that dough will be my totality

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