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What’s the first thing someone sees when they discover Figment? YOUR stories! Everyday, five fig-tastic stories get a special 24-hour feature on our homepage. In case you didn’t catch them at first glance, here are the stories on today’s homepage and a little insight behind the daily theme.

Today’s daily theme was inspired by the new Jordin Sparks movie, Sparkle, about a musical prodigy who is struggling to become a star. We picked some stellar stories and poems all about performance. Some people live for the stage, while others struggle with stage fight. Either way, it makes for some great reading!

On the Stage by Naomi M.

On the stage,
I am part of an organism.
The music swelling,
Thrumming around me and through me.

The Singer by Narnia Child

the pianist begins her magic
and he waits for the cue
taking a breath
o sacred breath
he begins to sing

Flashing Lights by *~LyricalChaos~*

Their cheers are what kept me going.
Their unmistakable love for us, for the music,
Was the only thing keeping me from collapsing.

Minutes Like Hours by JenniferKrol0310

Every part of my body from my head to my toes became completely paralyzed, and if it wasn’t for the cracked leather piano bench, my knees would have buckled from right under me. The applause of the audience began to fill the room, the red dusty curtains jerked open, and in an instant, my worst fears were confirmed.

All I’ve Ever Wanted by Kali De Lo

My parents always said I started singing as soon as I could talk. Conincidentally, my name was Melody. Melody Jones. I was 16 years old, and I sang (if that wasn’t obvious already). I was too shy to sing in front of my parents, but singing in front of an audience made me feel like I could fly. I always loved it, and it seemed like the 3 song set list I did every week was always too short.


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