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You awake in a park and you can’t remember who you are. Where do you go and who do you trust? Follow this adventure inspired by Dan Krokos‘s new novel, False Memory, to uncover your true past! 

Your goal: Find the person who can help stop you from losing more memories. He or she will give you a vial of liquid. What color is the liquid? When you find that person—and the memory-saving elixir—leave a comment on that post with the name of the color. You’ll be added to the list of victors who are one step closer to solving the mystery!

You’re in a park. You don’t know who you are. Why you’re here. Where here is. There are trees, but you can hear the rush of people just past the tree line. You’re wearing nondescript clothes. Are they yours? What do you look like? You can’t be certain.

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You push to your feet. You’re not hurt. In fact, you feel young. Strong. You run your hands over your face and scalp. Uninjured.

You have to move. Find help. Find out where you are. Find out who you are.

Do you head toward the sound of cars or toward the sound of water?

1. Cars

2. Water

19 thoughts on “Play the False Memory Survival Game

  1. I. Don’t. Get. It.

    I have been through EVERY option 10 times and there is NO color. Of a vial. NO COLOR.

    I. Hate. This. So. Much.


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