Tribute to the Tribute from District 4

What’s the first thing someone sees when they discover Figment? YOUR stories! Everyday, five fig-tastic stories get a special 24-hour feature on our homepage. In case you didn’t catch them at first glance, here are the stories on today’s homepage and a little insight behind the daily theme.

We’re big fans of The Hunger Games series, so whenever there’s news about the upcoming movie adaptations, we can’t help but get giddy. Especially when one of our favorite characters gets cast for the second movie in the trilogy. Finnick Odair captured our hearts on the page and we’re hoping Sam Claflin does the same onscreen. But it will be a while before the movie hits the theaters, so we decided to honor our favorite tribute from District 4 by featuring stories from some of his biggest fans.

Letters to Daddy by The Mad Hatter!
Dear Daddy,
Mommy is helping me write this letter. She says if we put it in a bottle and put it in the ocean, it will go to Heaven. She says that’s where you are. She says you did good stuff. She finds me big shells ’cause they’re the ones you like.
I love you Daddy.

Sea Green Eyes by Tesla’sBiggestFan(Wes)
He loves a girl that’s crazy,
She loves a boy that is mad,
Both in different worlds so strange,
There’s never been a lovestory so sad.

Annie Odair by Ness
Some remember him for his wit. Some remember him for his charm. Most remember him for his looks. But that’s not how I remember him, and it’s not how he should be remembered.

He had all of these things, true, however, you really had to get to know him to know who he truly was.

Finnick Odair wasn’t your everyday boy in District four. He succeeded in everything he did; fishing, sailing, swimming, and running. He got everything. Except one thing. Me.

Thoughts of You by liesel bobbysocks
Thoughts of you
Flicker through my mind
Right before I die
Your laughing green eyes
Thoughts of you
Trying with all my might
Failing to shield you from the night

District Four by Kassidy Kennedy
People say playing in the Games is tough. Yeah, well they should try mentoring them.

The day has come once again. Reaping day. I don’t think I can stand meeting yet another pair of tributes. None of them are ever prepared. No one is, no matter how much they think they are. Nothing on this planet can prepare a person for what lies that arena.

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