Our Favorite Female Hackers

Michelle Gagnon’s new book, Don’t Turn Around, tells the story of Noa, a teenage hacker. Noa’s used to doing things on her own, and ever since her parents died, she’s been using her hacking skills to protect herself.  But when she wakes up on an operating table with no idea how she got there, she realizes she’s in terrible danger. Now, she must rely on her fellow hackers for survival.

There are tons of hackers in books and movies, but only a handful are female. Demonstrating astounding computer skills and epic amounts of girl power, these women are seriously awesome. Inspired by Don’t Turn Around, we put together a list of our favorite fictional female hackers. Which one will take the top spot? Vote now!


Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Lisbeth’s hacking skills come in handy when she’s working with journalist Mikael Blomkvist. She’s able to find important evidence, steal a ton of money, and track down missing people. We’re pretty sure Blomkvist wouldn’t have been able to solve even the smallest of mysteries without her help.


Trinity from The Matrix
Trinity is such an amazing hacker that nobody knows who she really is. She may be famous for cracking a super secure database, but she never reveals her real name. In addition to hacking, Trinity is also awesome at martial arts and operating vehicles under extreme pressure. Talk about a triple-threat.


Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Not only does Buffy’s best friend Willow have magical abilities, she’s also a computer nerd with a talent for hacking. She starts off shy and nervous, but she becomes a seriously powerful character as the series goes on. Her quick thinking and awesome computer skills help the gang out of more than a few tight spots.


Chloe O’Brian from 24
Chloe is Jack Bauer’s right-hand woman, and she definitely deserves the title. She’s an uncommonly good hacker who spends most of her time clacking away on the computer, kicking butt even when she’s under pressure. The US government even named a kind of surveillance technology after her!


Abby Sciuto from NCIS
A forensic specialist, caffeine addict, and fan of loud music, Abby is also an accomplished hacker. When Gibbs and his team are stumped on how to solve a crime, Abby can usually use her skills to figure out what’s going on. Plus, she’s just about the happiest goth hacker we’ve ever seen.


Which of these characters’ hacking skills impresses you most? Vote for your favorite! And did we forget any awesome female hackers? Let us know in the comments!

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    • You toke the words right out of my mouth. The first thing that came to my mind while reading the list was: “Why isn’t Penelope on here?”

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