Write a story, win a laptop!

We’re offering one heck of an awesome prize for the Don’t Turn Around short-story contest. Write a story about two rebel teens with a cause and you could win a MacBook Pro.

You have until Monday, September 17 to enter. Michelle Gagnon will be choosing a winner from the top ten most-hearted entries.

Just imagine: If you win, the next contest you enter you might be composing your story on your NEW laptop.

Come on! Get writing already!

16 thoughts on “Write a story, win a laptop!

  1. heres a story about two teens who make trouble for others, stealing there stuff, starts fights, kill others they dont like…the end

  2. I would like to enter, but choosing from the most-hearted entries seems a little unfair. You should of had the participants tag their entries.

  3. Im not well known so I’ll doubt Ill get many hearts but ehy not? Im currently writing on a ten year old laptop that can’t hold a battery charge, needs to be comstantly plugged into an outlet, has no internet, 2002 word, no updates, from a now non-existant company, that weighs 10 lbs, and doesn’t even shoe up on the archive. I need this.

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