Doctor Who Recap: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

DOCTOR WHO Season 7 Episode 2

Hold onto your fezzes, Figs! The Doctor is back, and each week, we’ll be recapping his adventures. It’s basically like riding the TARDIS back in time to last night so you can watch the episode all over again. Yep, totally the same thing.

In this installment, the Doctor is called to help out because there’s a giant spaceship heading toward Earth. The earthlings have launched missiles at it, so he’s only got a few hours to figure out what’s happening on board. He rounds up the usual crew—the not-divorced-anymore Amy and Rory! Oh, and Mr. Weasley Rory’s dad, Brian. And Queen Nefertiti. And Riddell, a super manly hunter. Seriously, I would NOT complain if this became the regular gang, because these guys are awesome together. So much witty banter.

DOCTOR WHO Season 7 Episode 2They enter the spaceship and discover DINOSAURS. This is, like, Jurassic Park in space, you guys. The poorly animated reptiles aren’t quite as scary as some of the usual enemies, but they make for a pretty awesome episode premise. (All I’ve ever wanted from life is to see Mr. Weasley play fetch with a triceratops.)

The group gets separated, leaving Amy with only an absurdly helpful computer to assist her. By pressing ALL the buttons, she figures out that they’re on a Silurian ship that’s kind of like Noah’s Ark, but for dinosaurs. But the Silurians are nowhere to be found. Suspicious…

DOCTOR WHO Season 7 Episode 2Meanwhile, Rory, Brian, and the Doctor are captured by some hilarious robots. The Doctor pulls a well-placed “Take me to your leader,” and he’s led to the treasure-hunting Argus Filch Solomon. Turns out, Solomon massacred all the Silurians and stole their precious cargo of dinosaurs. While he’s no Weeping Angel, Solomon is a pretty terrifying villain in his own way. He only cares about material possessions, so he’s totally fine with killing everyone in his path to get what he wants.

With the missiles only minutes away, Solomon demands Nefertiti in exchange for the others’ freedom. The Doctor is obviously all, “NO WAY,” but Nefertiti sacrifices herself.

As Rory and his dad pilot the ship to safety (cue “AWWW!”), the Doctor teleports into Solomon’s escape pod, where he’s about to leave with Nefertiti. But Nefertiti breaks free and the Doctor redirects the missiles toward Solomon’s ship. Bye Solomon! In theory, I have no issues with the death of this jerk, but it was kind of weird that the Doctor was so willing to kill him. The Doctor never kills if he can help it, right?

DOCTOR WHO Season 7 Episode 2But the earth is safe, the bad guys are gone for now, and Rory’s dad has developed an adorable love for travel, so all is well in the end. The episode wasn’t huge on moving the overall plot forward, but it was a fun adventure. We were treated to some excellent girl-power moments courtesy of Amy “I’m easily worth two men” Pond and Queen “I’m not your possession” Nefertiti. Also, the Doctor kissed Rory, so there’s that.

And seriously, dinosaurs on a spaceship. You can’t go wrong with dinosaurs on a spaceship.


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7 thoughts on “Doctor Who Recap: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

  1. Oh…my..FEZZES! This episode was ROCKING! From Brian’s golf obsession to the triumphant moment when Tricey thundered down the spaceship’s corridors, Doctor Who has redeemed itself after last week’s okay-ish episode. AMAZING!!!!

  2. Wiping the Doctor from the Daleks memory, Dinosaurs on a spaceship, the Terminator comes to the Wild West… this is shaping up to be a pretty silly series – what is the Moffinator doing? Oh well, it’s good entertainment 🙂

    I thought that about the Doctor killing Solomon as well (also I’m pretty sure that the Doctor doesn’t actually know anything about being a Doctor, so how did he fix his legs?), but I figure that the Silurians and Trycy made the Doctor mad at him and then when Solomon offered him possesions for his life the Doctor realised that he’d never change.

    Why did Queen Nefertiti abandon her people to ‘visit’ Riddell?

    • i think nefy had already ruled the people and stuff. anyway, wibbly wobbly, timey whimey.

      i also think the whole “killing solomon” thing is leading into the next episode, whih is promising to show somee bad sides of the doctor. can’t wait!

  3. I wasn’t crazy about this episode. I thought there was too much going on. It’s like that feast in one of the Hunger Games books, I forget which, where Katniss allows herself only one bite of everything and still gets full too early on?
    1. Nefertiti and Riddell. There’s enough going on with them that if they had a normal episode with them, it’d have been interesting enough.
    2. Father Pond. Ditto. I mean, it was pretty cool to see him. But three fresh faces on the TARDIS is a little much to keep in mind, especially when there are…
    3. Dinosaurs. On a spaceship. Freaking awesome, true, but I was too busy watching Father Pond, trying to understand what character development he’d go through in this episode. Also,
    4. Aliens and dinosaurs on a spaceship would have been a better title. No, wait.
    5. Aliens, Dinosaurs, Robots, Rory’s Dad, Nefertiti, and some Tough Guy on a Spaceship would have been a better title. Oh, and they saved the world. And Nefi and Tough Guy fall in love. Rory and his dad bond. Justice is served.
    There were just so many excellent bits I wish they expanded on. Too many flavors in one mouth.

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