Figment’s Perfect Day

In Lara Avery’s novel Anything But Ordinary, Bryce Graham has just regained consciousness for the first time since a diving accident sent her into a coma—five years ago. She’s reunited with her friends, her boyfriend, her family—but she feels like they’ve just aged overnight. She’s alive . . . but what can she do if her life has moved on without her?

We were thinking about Bryce’s predicament and what we’d want to do if we awoke from a coma and were seeing the world for the first time in five years. We had lots of fun writing about our perfect day. Read about it and then share your own!

We’d start the morning with a breakfast to end all breakfasts: Eggs, sausage AND bacon, pastries, bagels, and fruit, all covered in syrup. Over breakfast, we’d read the eighth Harry Potter book. This is OUR PERFECT DAY and your logic has no place here!

By lunchtime, we’d be swimming in a cove with dolphins who knew how to flip us up in the air. The cove would be on the set of Catching Fire, so we’d get to make a cameo. As we lounged on the beach, every one-hit-wonder band from the 90s would play its hit in a concert just for us. Jon Stewart would be hanging out, just a’cause.

At dinner, we’d sit down with our closest friends and family and internet obsessions and a few thousand of our biggest fans, who would just shout about how pretty and smart and clever we are. As we fell asleep, Neil Gaiman would read an original fairy tale out loud. We wouldn’t remember the story in the morning, and it would never be repeated again.


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