Last Chance to Win a MacBook Pro!

Today is the last day to enter the Don’t Turn Around short story contest for a chance to win a new laptop.

Channel your inner do-gooder and write a story about teen rebels with a cause. The top ten most-hearted stories will be sent to Michelle Gagnon for judging.

Need some inspiration? Check out Michelle’s post on her favorite technothrillers.

Get writing already!


4 thoughts on “Last Chance to Win a MacBook Pro!

  1. I’d like to point out that hearts are hard to get for some people. Some people have great stories, but don’t publicize well. And some people are new or not known well. It should really go by the quality of the actual story, not how popular it is. Thank you for your time and please consider removing heart based contests.

    • I agree! I think some heart-based contests are okay, but not every contest has to be a heart-based contest. I know I have a hard time getting hearts because I’m not always active on Figment, and just because I don’t do tons and tons of swaps. Good point!

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