Defy the Dark By the Numbers

Dear Figs,

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a sucker for lists. The fine folks at Figment thought it would be fun if I kept track of some of the statistics from the DEFY THE DARKΒ contest, and I couldn’t agree more.

So here we are, now that the contest is closed and the dust is settling, DEFY THE DARK by the numbers:

3.35 million: Number of words you wrote for this contest!

1242: Number of stories entered.

38Β½: Number of cups of Timothy’s Mint Tea I drank while reading submissions.

788: Average number of pages in each file Figment sent me.

127: Fewest number of pages in a single batch of stories.

1350: Most pages in a single batch of stories.

332: E-mails exchanged between me, HarperTeen and Figment during the contest
(this seems awfully low!)

22: Number of times I listened to “Ooh La” by The Kooks while reading submissions.

742: Comments left on the official Figment announcement for the contest.

1219: Times you shared info about the contest on Facebook.

12: Total batches of stories.

9: Average pages of a given story.

9: Months it took to get ready for the contestβ€”just like a human baby!

9: Months until DEFY THE DARK is available in stores. (Just like a zombaby?)

10: The month we’ll announce the winner of the contest!

That’s just some of the numbers and how they all add up to DEFY THE DARK. I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain. Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing the winners soon!



59 thoughts on “Defy the Dark By the Numbers

  1. YAY update! And yay tea drinkers!

    Good luck with decisions! (Have you finished reading all those submissions? So many! Congrats if you have!)

  2. Fun list! So cool to read all of that, though we have to wait til October for the winners? Will they be notified before then or will it happen at the same time? Also, what part of October? lol. I just wanna know!

  3. I’m about to explode! The anticipation is KILLING me! I feel like locking myself in a very dark room until the results come in πŸ™‚

  4. OH MY GOD, THIS IS TORMENT. You’re just tormenting us with these numbers. πŸ˜‰ By the way, I would just like to say that I admire you for reading them all and all the effort that went into this. Thanks for making an amazing contest where the entries were actually read and appreciated!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome stats πŸ˜€ Just wanted to say thanks Figment team for giving us this chance and working so hard to bring us this fantastic contest!

  6. Haha, I actually wrote two stories for this theme and then had to pick between them. At the last moment I came up with an idea for a third, but…oh well, maybe next time. This is the most amazing contest ever!

  7. I literally just had a heart attack. I think my heart stopped beating twice while I was waiting for this. OCTOBER COME FASTER!!!

    • Wait! Question: Does that mean the winners have already been chosen? And will they be notified by email before everyone else finds out? (Eh, that was two questions, actually… :^P)

  8. I feel bad for you, having to read all of that, and count all of that. Thank you for taking your time to do this, as you can tell, many people appreciate it!

  9. Woah. That’s a whole lot of entries.

    /also, I love mint tea but have not been able to find one as good/strong as one a friend had brought back from Germany I tend to end up using two bags of Twinnings at a time πŸ™

  10. wow i can’t wait to find out! good luck to everyone! i wish you the best and no matter who won your stories were still great i bet!

  11. Yipes! I would hate to have to choose the winner out of ALL THOSE ENTRIES!!! Can’t WAIT to see who wins so I can read their stories. πŸ™‚

  12. I am soooo excited but soooo nervous at the same time. Good luck to everyone who has entered! I know everyone put as much into it as I did!

    Waiting for October πŸ˜€

  13. So, when you say October, are we talking like October 1st…October 15th..or like Halloween?

    Is there a guestimate here?

    Should I start biting my nails in a week? Or should I wait a bit?

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