Featured Fig: Talia Durante

What makes Figment Figment? Well, there are forums and blog posts and writing groups and featured books. But what really makes this place special are all of you Figs. So you should get some love.

Meet Talia Durante: Cover Designer, Whovian, and most definitely NOT Anastasia Steele. She’s a New Jersey native with a flair for the dramatic . . . writing, of course!

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You make really lovely covers. What got you into cover design?

First off, thank you! I’ll be completely honest—it was another Fig that inspired me to start making covers! I saw the things that she had created and thought to myself “Wow . . . these are beautiful.” I enjoy photography, so I was able to find pictures that I felt were beautiful and used online editing programs to make covers that reflect my stories effectively. I really love making them not only for myself, but for people who ask me for them as well. It’s a lot of fun, and seeing my hard work pay off is really awesome.

If you had to give your writing style an adjective, what would it be?

Dramatic. My actual writing is very simple in nature, but I love to tell stories that send a chill down my readers’ spines . . . things that they will never expect to see or leave them thinking for a long time after they finish the piece. The way I see it, if what I have written successfully leaves the reader with some kind of emotion, I have done my job.

Your About Me reveals your Whovian status. What is your favorite episode?

Are you my mummy? It’s probably a tie between “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances” and “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.” I love it when things are just little bit messed up, because that’s the kind of thing that keeps my interest. “In The Empty Child,” the relationship between Nancy and Jamie reminded me of the relationship that my brother and I share. If anything ever happened to him, I would be devastated. As for “Silence in the Library,” that is exactly the kind of psychological thriller that sends a chill down my spine.

Which literary character are you most like and why?

Most definitely Anastasia Steele. Nah, that’s a lie! I think that I am very similar to Ilse in the play “Spring Awakening.” Ilse was on the outside looking in the whole time, the voice of reason for all of the children in the coming of age story. I like to think of myself as a peacemaker and always look for common ground between both sides of an argument. Ilse was rational, but emotional, and extremely caring. She looked for the things that made her happy even though her past was full of nothing but heartache. Of course, nobody is perfect. My flaws reflect hers as well, in that Ilse often finds herself lost in a world of her own creation while ignoring the very apparent problems that she has been faced with as a way to escape.

 Fill in the blank: “At 2 a.m., I’m most likely . . .”

“Staring at the ceiling, contemplating life.” I kid, I kid. At 2 a.m., if I’m not asleep, I’m probably on Skype with some of my friends, or texting my neighbor about God only knows what. At 2 a.m., however, I am normally in that kind of mindset where everything is either funny, or incredibly significant.


3 thoughts on “Featured Fig: Talia Durante

  1. Who was the other fig cover designer? I did lots of covers for people in InkPop, but haven’t had the time since it switched over to Figment. I’m a Graphic Design major, and designing YA covers would be my dream job (that, and publishing a YA book).

  2. Congrats Talia!!! I love cover designers who actually take the pictures instead of getting them off the Internet. I gotta admit that I’d never heard of you before, but I’m glad I know of you now. Keep going and again, congrats!

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