LeakyCon Flash Contest Finalists!

We asked LeakyCon ’12 attendees to follow in Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman’s footsteps and tell us about the most interesting thing they saw, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled at the event, in 100 words or less. And tell us they did!

You read their entries, voted for your favorites, and the results are in! Robin and Maureen will be choosing one grand-prize winner to receive a Kindle stocked with all 7 Harry Potter books and four runners-up to win super-swag Figment t-shirts! Check out the finalists below, and check back here soon to hear who won!

The Weight by Oddny
A Rumbling Excitement by Bluejay123
Frozen Joy by Nicole F.
I See the Cauldron Half-Full by Carie B.
The Weapon We Have is Doritos by Mackenzie Bush
Snape on an Elevator by Angela Hohenstein
Atmosphere by Singularity
Taking Up Arms by Thealyn Ploetz
But No One Needs to Say Goodbye. by Miriasha Borsykowsky
Accio Deathly Hallows by Carly
That’s Magic by Aidie Bell
Totally Awesome! by Jennifer Rozinski
The Sound of Community by Dani Palmer
The LeakyCon Elevators by Ashley K
The Floor is a Trampoline by Matt Spurlin
Deserted Hallway by Vee Weasley – Proud Fig!
Be Brave by Sarah Stankus
High-Fives by Duchess
Wizards Party Forever by Jenna Tackett
Watery Footsteps by Ashley
My Moment at LeakyCon by Julia Siskonen
Leaky inspiration by Crystal Myers
Leaky 2012: For Ally by Shannen
An encounter with john green by Sarah Cable
Yet Another Home by Katie Lee
Holding Out for a Hero by Brittany
Home by Andrea Eunice Leeϟ
Floors. by Emily T. Dsida
LeakyCon 2012 by R N Otto

Due to a tie for the 25th spot, there are 30 finalists.

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