Spend the weekend writing!

We’ve got so many great writing contests going on right now! You should definitely take some time this weekend and enter one or two or all of them. We checked the forecast this weekend and it’s going to be raining words. Really.

Reunited and it feels so good: Enter our Anything But Ordinary contest and write about someone just awake from a coma.

Want to spend some time imagining a world totally different from your own? Write about a crumbling mansion, a secret passage, and an idyllic English town for The Dark Unwinding contest.

Are you hiding something? We thought so! Write a story about someone who has to hide some aspect of their identity for the What’s Left of Me contest.

Someone killed the editor Herman Mildew! Where were you when it happened? Write your alibi and prove your innocence to enter the Who Done It? contest.

Are you feeling more like Van Gogh than Hemingway this weekend? Then spend sometime creating a cover for the False Memory Design Challenge.

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