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Katharine Tulman’s life takes quite a turn in Sharon Cameron’s novel The Dark Unwinding. She moves from her boring (and somewhat tortuous) life with her Aunt Alice to her uncle’s mysterious and exciting estate, Stranwyne Keep. The once-grand mansion is now a crumbling maze of abandoned rooms, underground tunnels, and secret passageways.

Inspired by the excitement of Katharine’s new life, we challenged you to write a story that takes place in an idyllic English village, a crumbling mansion, or a secret passageway. The entry period has ended for this contest, but you still have a chance to help choose the winner. Vote today!

Voting will run until Wednesday, October 3 at 5:00 p.m. ET. The top ten most-hearted finalists will be sent to Sharon Cameron for judging!

The grand-prize winner will receive a written critique of their story by author Sharon Cameron focusing on voice, narrative structure, and character development, along with a signed copy of The Dark Unwinding.

Two runners-up will each receive a signed copy of The Dark Unwinding with a limited edition bookmark from the author.

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6 thoughts on “Vote in The Dark Unwinding Short-Story Contest!

  1. Is anybody else annoyed by the fact that half the contests on this stupid site are “Heart” contests? It’s so unfair. Who’s to say the the best story isn’t passed up because some other guy had more friends willing to heart his story?
    Writing contests should be based on talent, not on most hearted.

    • Hey!
      We understand that many people don’t like heart-based contests, so we continue to offer near-weekly flash fiction and newsletter contests that are judged by members of Figment staff and do not depend on hearts. That said, many people do like heart-based contests or like entering longer word-limited contests. While it is highly unlikely that we will stop holding heart-based contests, we continually attempt to offer a variety of lengths and judging methods so users can choose which contests suit them best.

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