The 5 Creepiest Hospitals

In Kat Zhang’s debut novel What’s Left of Me, Eva and Addie are closer than sisters. They’re two souls sharing one body, taking turns controlling their voice and movement. Everything is great, except one of them should have disappeared by now. Oh, and society hates hybrids—anyone who retains both their souls. When their secret is discovered, Eva and Addie are shuffled in front of a bunch of doctors and the tests they’re subjected to are enough to make Hannibal Lecter grimace.

Hospitals are scary. And nothing sets our teeth on edge like these hospitals—the scariest thing this side of an evil clown.

Time Rift Hospital in Torchwood
Creepy deserted hospital? Check. Ghosts? Check. Time-travel via tangential universes connected by a common locale and in danger of warping the time space continuum? Obvi.




The Abandoned Hospital in Lost
What’s creepier than finding out that the hostile hill people trying to kill you and abduct your pregnant friend are not actually hill people but a group with advanced medical technology? Finding out they’re also wearing FAKE BEARDS. #spooky




Arkham from Batman
It’s not even, like, a hospital. It’s where they put the biggest baddies of the Batman world. “Where do we put this hyper-dangerous, ultra-powerful villian bent on Gotham’s destruction?” “Oh! With all the others in Arkham. That way they can watch each other. It’ll be fine.”



Fogg’s Asylum from Sweeney Todd
Welcome to the lovely Asylum! You’ll be rocked to sleep by the gentle sounds of the inmates’ screams. We offer full spa services—our specialties include the grit-and-broken-glass body scrub and the wig-maker’s delight (a close-cropped haircut done with a straight razor and no regard for your appearance).



The Hospital in American Horror Story
While everything in American Horror Story is on the scurry side, this hospital is one flickering light away from being an active crime scene. It doesn’t hurt that Moira—the ghostly maid—heads to the hospital to act as an angel of death for her ailing mother. It must have been creepy enough to inspire AHS’s season 2—the whole thing is going to be set in a hospital.

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