Last Day to Enter the “Who Done It?” Contest!

Do you want to win a thousand bucks? Do you want to get an invite to a swank party in New York? Do you want your work reviewed by a real literary agent? Yeah? We thought so.

Join the ranks of some of the world’s most famous YA authors by writing your own alibi for the murder of editor Herman Mildew, and you could win those awesome prizes and more! Enter the contest today—you only have until midnight ET tonightMonday October 8!

Brought to you by Figment and SohoTeen, with 826NYC and I Heart Daily.

5 thoughts on “Last Day to Enter the “Who Done It?” Contest!

  1. Hi all! I’m so excited to see who wins this contest. 🙂

    Read my story? It’s called “Busy With Another”.


  2. I loved writing my story “He Died While I Lived” for this contest. I took a humorous approach to it which I hope was entertaining for my readers. I hope people at least got a laugh out of my short entry. 🙂

    xoxo the innocent

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