Best Cover Poll: 50 Shades of Color

Dan Krokos’s novel, False Memory, is the story of four genetically-altered teens who have flawless fighting skills and the power to incite panic in everyone around them. Hyperion Teen is hosting a design contest giving you the chance to design your own cover for False Memory—and win a copy of the book professionally printed with your artwork! Need some inspiration? We’ve collected seven covers that use color is very powerful ways. Check out the covers below and tell us: Which one did it best? Vote below!


Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

In the dystopian world of Glitch, everyone has been implanted with computer chips that wipe out all emotion. When Zoe begins to malfunction, she starts having her own thoughts and soon discovers that she has telekinetic powers. On the book’s cover, a mysterious girl is bathed in warm shades of purple, while she stands surrounded by darkness. She represents a break from the system. The title is written in a jerky, futuristic font surrounded by circuit breakers. Are they malfunctioning like Zoe?


Speechless by Hannah Harrington

This stark white cover says it all by saying very little, exactly like the book’s main character. Chelsea decides to take a vow of silence after her gossipy ways almost gets someone killed. Since so much of the cover is blank, we’re free to focus on the title. It’s placed at the very center of the cover and the white type on the white background is striking. The cover is a good reminder that silence—and white space— can be a very powerful thing.



Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

In a world filled with zombies, the most important skill is survival. And that’s just what Nick, our sweatshirt-clad hero, plans to do. The green tone of the cover is almost a sickly color that makes us think of slime. A Malachai symbol—the mark of Nick’s zombie-hunter status—is placed prominently front and center and the “f” in “Infamous” stands out, as if it was scrawled by an otherworldly hand.



The Selection by Kiera Cass

We love the gorgeous shades of aqua on the cover of The Selection. It’s the ruffled ballgown and striking redhead initially draw us in, but it’s the girls the background that hold our attention. Are they the reflection of the book’s main character, America? Or perhaps they are her competition—some of the other 35 girls hoping to win the hand of Prince Maxon? The elegant typography of the title is crowned with a tiara, suggesting a Cinderella story within.



The Culling by Steven dos Santos

A young man sprints away from us, down a seemingly never-ending tunnel. What is he running from? And should we follow? In The Culling, the Establishment has forced Lucky into a brutal training competition. If he fails any level, the government will kill a member of his family. On the cover, the title looms overheard, a chilling reminder of Lucky’s fate. Can he survive? And will he save his family?




Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass

Lucid is the story of Maggie and Sloane, two girls who have never met in real life, but at night they dream they are each other. The rich blues and purples of this cover are calm and dreamy, but the upside-down image of the sleeping girl is unsettling. The title treatment starts out fuzzy and then suddenly comes into sharp focus. Maggie and Sloane begin to lose their grip on what is real and what is a dream, just like this cover makes us question what’s up or down.



Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

This lovely and calm cover doesn’t hint at the book’s dark subject matter: revenge. The tan and beige color scheme seems to draw inspiration from the book’s idyllic seaside setting. In such a beautiful town, how could these beautiful girls be up to know good? Burn for Burn, in a bold font, overlays the image, emphasizing the importance of the title. These girls are out for revenge and nothing is going to stop them.



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