Speechless Contest Finalists

Chelsea Knot is terrible at keeping secrets. But one day, she takes things too far and someone almost dies. Chelsea feels terrible that her gossiping caused so much trouble, so she decides to take a vow of silence. The decision leaves her vulnerable to bullying, but will ultimately help her find inner strength.

We all know how powerful words can be. That’s why we challenged you to write a story where a character learns about the power of words. You wrote, voted, and here are the finalists who will be sent to Hannah Harrington for judging!

 Without further ado . . . here are the finalists

Reasons Why by HannahCS

Word Hungry by Cait Cher

Columbine Cliffs by Julia Hou

Milky Mind. by Lw

Locks of Love by Sally Balboa

Now I Speak by Mackenzie Bath

Promise Not To Tell by Brenna Helquist

Once Spoken by faery_ninja

Galaxies by Amelia Jean

Sprinkler of Words by Shelby

One grand prize winner will receive copies of Speechless and Saving June by Hannah Harrington, the Iron Fey box set by Julie Kagawa, and three yet-to-be-published new books from HarlequinTeen.

Two runners-up will receive copies of Speechless and Saving June by Hannah Harrington.

4 thoughts on “Speechless Contest Finalists

  1. Great job every one! I know there were some awesome entries! Congrats!

    Also, what is going on with page… I don’t even.

  2. YAY I made it, one of my first contests and my fellow finalists have AWESOME entries, such an awesome feeling to have my work up there with theirs

  3. Man, I think I missed it by two hearts. A real disappointment, but whatever. I never thought I would get so far with my message of bullying. I have seen my profile message on a lot of profiles lately, so even though I didn’t make the finals, I think I got to my main goal.
    Congrats to every one that made it! I think I read most of those and they were all wonderful.

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