Bizzaro World: Our Favorite Parallel Realities

In Through To You, Cam thought he’d lost his girlfriend Viv forever in a car crash. When he visits the scene of her accident, however, he finds a portal to a world, nearly identical to his own, where his girlfriend is still alive.

Finding your dead girlfriend lives on in a mirror world? We dig that. In fact, we dig mirror worlds in general! The funny, the evil—bring ‘em on! Check out our six favorite pseudo-realities and vote for your favorite!


Fringe, Over There

We’d love the Over There if only for the awesome dual pun names. In Over There, Olivia becomes Fauxlivia. Walter becomes Walternate. Figment becomes FIGMAGEDDON! Sorry. Sorry. We went too far.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The World With Only Shrimp

In the Buffyverse, many universes seem to exist in tandem with our world, but two are mentioned more frequently than any others—a world without any shrimp, and a world that is entirely shrimp. For just two of many, many universes, these get some serious air time. They’re mentioned in, like, five episodes!

Fairly Odd Parents, Fairy World

This show had a lot of parallel universes, including the all-blue Anti world, and the world where Jimmy Neutron lived. And who can forget Timmy’s quest to Fairy World, via Scary World and Hairy World?

His Dark Materials series, Lyra’s Oxford

In The Golden Compass, the first book of the His Dark Materials series, we’re introduced to a world that could be ours (except that everyone has a soul-bound animal daemon and there are talking polar bears and the witches and all that stuff). In book two, we find out it’s a parallel universe and there’s a way to get between the two worlds.

Charmed, Polar Opposite World

Charmed was about the three sisters tasked with defending the world from magical evil. In their opposite world, however, they *were* the magical evil. Plus they got to wear a lot of black leather.

Community, The Darkest Timeline

The evil-villain moustaches are super rad. Also, every time something goes wrong in your life, you can claim it is the darkest timeline.


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6 thoughts on “Bizzaro World: Our Favorite Parallel Realities

  1. Where’s the alternate reality from Star Trek where Spock tries to kill Kirk? That’s like classic! Actually…there’s a bunch of alternate realities/parallel universes in Star Trek.

  2. Has anyone else read/watched Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? That thing is FULL of alternate dimensions,different worlds, the same person having a completely different life in each world they’re in…(perfect example: the princess’s brother. First world, he’s a king. Next version of him you see, he’s a waiter.) Not to mention the fact that the characters themselves are basically alternate versions of characters in CLAMP’s other works, and that the characters in those original stories are later contacted by the characters in TRC.
    The WHOLE STORY basically happens in different parallel worlds!

  3. What about Stephen King’s Gunslinger series. He could inhabite people’s bodies here on earth by stepping into them. Weird!

  4. Yes, I was also looking for Star Trek’s Mirror Universe. It showed up in every single series! It started the “evil twins have goatees” thing! Actually, Star Trek’s Reboot Timeline, from the 2009 movie, would also count. Or all those alternate universes from Stargate SG-1.

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