What Happens Next, by Colleen Clayton

Justine Spark Girls Book ClubIn honor of YALSA’s Teen Read Week, Figment and Justine Magazine are highlighting some hot new books that are trending now. Want to win all five? Enter the Double Your Fun sweepstakes before October 27!

The book of the day is What Happens Next, the debut novel by Colleen Clayton. Here’s what teen girls at Justine‘s Spark Book Club had to say about it!

Strongest Survivor:
What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton

“When a random meeting on a ski trip results in a guy taking advantage of good-girl Cassidy Murphy, she’s left without any memory of the incident; only the intense desire to recover the life she had before that fateful night.”

what happens next colleen clayton

“In contrast to the tragic event that opens this book, it contains the most heartwarming collection of characters you’ll ever meet. Open it up and fall in love.” — Alex R.

“Corey Livingston. Tell me who wouldn’t fall for a guy who stands up for you but also encourages you to be strong, is sweet, tall, adorable  . . . and BAKES!?!” —Vanessa T.

“I loved this book! And I wish I had a best friend like Sid – tough but sensitive, insecure but resilient.” —Kylie W.

“At times I wanted to yell at Cassidy to face reality and speak up. Then I realized her response to the date rape was so honest–that’s what I loved most about this book.” —Jane D.

“My heart ached for Cassidy. This is a heartfelt read that will haunt you for days after you read it.” —Kacey M.

Want to see for yourself? Read the first three chapters of What Happens Next!

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