Beautiful Lies Flash-Fiction Finalists!

In Jessica Warman’s novel Beautiful Lies, identical twins Alice and Rachel are connected by much more than their looks. When one twin goes missing from their seemingly idyllic suburb, the other begins to suffer horrible injuries—even though no one has touched her. As she searches to find her sister, the twin left behind discovers that nothing in their so-called normal neighborhood is what it seems.

Inspired by Beautiful Lies, we asked you to write a descriptive scene that feels menacing and creepy for five different settings. From high schools to parking lots, carnivals to fast food restaurants, you all impressed us with your ability to make these ordinary places seem spooky! Here are the ten finalists that will be sent to Jessica Warman for judging.

Foreboding by Padfoot

Locker by Cate Eliot

Another Day of Silence by Anha

The Prank by Andrea Turnbull

Where Once There was Grass by Carly Gordon

A Cricket’s Tune by ThePhoenixRising

Out of Order by Katie Bui

Run For Your Life by Sam Elliott

Lost in the Dark by girl234

Spilled Coke and Ketchup by A.D.54

One grand prize winner will receive copies of Beautiful Lies, Between, BreathlessWhere the Truth Lies all by Jessica Warman; copies of  Fracture and Hysteria by Megan Miranda, and Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf.

Five daily winners will receive copies Beautiful Lies, BetweenBreathlessWhere Truth Lies all by Jessica Warman.


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