Hunger Games Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to dress like a character from The Hunger Games for Halloween? Now you can!

Katniss Everdeen

You can try the various forms of Arena Katniss . . .

So many leggings! The bottom-right costume is for the girl who is all in; the bottom-left is for the girl who can’t be bothered. Get the wig if you’re being meta and going as the Katniss Barbie doll.

(Top three images and bottom left image from, bottom right from

Glitzy Katniss Everdeen

Looking for something a little more obscure? Go with Katniss’s interview outfit.

(From left to right: MsDressy, LandyBridal, and a screenshot fromĀ The Hunger Games.)


The Dark-Horse Option

If you want to be funny or gorey, all it takes is khaki pants, a black shirt, and some costume make-up and you’ve got yourself a Zombie Tribute costume! Bonus points: Crush some blueberries in your hand to be Foxface.

Nothing says Halloween like open sores!

(Promotional image fromĀ The Hunger Games.)

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