If Figment Could Time Travel…

Tamara Ireland Stone’s debut novel, Time Between Us, tells the story of Anna and Bennett, two teenagers who fall in love. The only problem? Bennett’s actually a time traveler from 2012, while Anna lives in 1995. High school romance is complicated enough without having to worry about whether your boyfriend is going to be sent back to his own time period. 

Bennett’s skills got us thinking about time travel. It might be dangerous to mess around with the past, but still—it would be SO COOL! Here are the times and places we would go if we had access to a Time-Turner (or a TARDIS, or a DeLorean).


We’d start out in the time of the dinosaurs because we’ve always wanted to use a brontosaurus’s neck as a slide and/or fly around on a pterodactyl. We’d play around with the plant eaters for a while, then book it out of there before T-Rex showed up.

Next up, a trip to the Globe Theatre in 17th century London to watch one of Shakespeare’s plays. It would be awesome to see the original Romeo and Juliet, even if we had to wear face masks to avoid that pesky Black Plague.

The next few days would be filled with chariot races in ancient Rome, rocking out at Beatles concerts in Liverpool, circa 1961, hitching rides on the Wright brothers’ airplanes, and chilling with Captain Blackbeard and his fellow pirates on the high seas.


We’d take a brief stopover in 1990s Edinburgh to peer into the windows of cafés, hoping to find J.K. Rowling. We would try to resist the temptation to smother her with hugs and sob, “You will be responsible for my childhood!” but we can’t make any promises. 

Finally, we’d travel a few hundred years into the future, just to make extrasuperduper sure that the Hunger Games are DEFINITELY fictional.

Where (and when) would you go if you had the power to time travel? Let us know in the comments!

54 thoughts on “If Figment Could Time Travel…

  1. The American West. For some reason that era has always enchanted me. And possibly Braveheart’s Scotland, just so I can tell him how awesome I think he is.

  2. Hmmmm well lets see…. where would I go…. I’d probably go to Downton abbey. Yep. that’d be the first stop for sure. Then I’d go be a flapper in Bertie Wooster’s era. Oh and next would for sure be the 50’s to go to a sockhop and maybe star in a film that would become an instant classic. Kill Hitler. (well acctually the doctor and River tried that already.. didn’t go over so well. ) I would go and make sure that Rory never read that tomb stone for sure. And honestly, it doesn’t even matter because if I had a TARDIS I’d be with the doctor and it I had a time-turner? Harry Potter would be my best friend.

  3. Well, rest assured that you would not have to fear the Black Plague at a staging of Romeo and Juliet. The Black Plague occurred approximately 350 years before R&J was written. Now, TB was another story …

    Anyway, if I could time travel, I’d want to go to the French court in the 1690s, when many women and some men were originating the socially radical French fairy tale (i.e., Beauty and the Beast). If I could hear Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve perform an original reading of her manuscript, that would be priceless. Of course, I’d have to take a few more semesters of French before I made my trip. ^.^

  4. I can think of only one destination to go to if I could time travel: Deptford, London, on May 30, 1593. Specifically the house of Eleanor Bull. I would want to find out if Christopher Marlowe was actually murdererd, as it’s an event that I’m not sure happened, and it has been plaguing me ever since I was fourteen.

  5. I’d visit the first hunter-gatherers. I’ve always had a curiosity for how they discovered fire. Then I’d get along my way to Greece. Early Greece. With their mythology. Maybe the Gods were real! Then I’d visit some castles from the Medieval Times, meet my fair share of Prince and Princesses. Maybe I’d chill with Beethoven. Watch a Shakespearean play! Travel ahead to the 1920’s. Flappers, feather boas, pearl necklaces. Oohhh. Skip to the 60’s then to the 80’s. Then to 2013. I want to know if the world really ends. Then to top it off, go back and fly dragons with the Vikings. See what I did there? 🙂

  6. Hmm, well, probably stop off back in the 1940’s, since I’m an epic war fan. Then, back to 1912, to, obviously, nip onto the Titanic for a day and then leave, never telling anyone on board it’s brutal fate. Then, I’d go to meet President Kennedy (physic paper does wonders!*fan-girl squeal*), then Nixon, watch the Watergate scandal take place, go to ‘Nam, visit Mission Control to watch Neil Armstrong land on the moon, then, actually go to see him land on the moon in person (better watch out for Martha and the Doctor!). I’d go to Obama’s speech about him, then I’d certify that we name the first moon-base after him. Phew! I think I need a lie down…

  7. If I could travel the entire span of time on Earth (and could do so with the expectation of safety) I would chronicle the span of time stopping every ten million years or so to stop and take pictures (maybe gather samples if my ship is large enough).

    It is the height of conceit to imagine human beings are the most interesting thing to have ever happened on Earth. Those periods before the great extinctions on Earth would be the most interesting to me. 95% of all life that has ever existed on Earth is now extinct. We still have millions of creatures and variations on life even now.

    What amazing creatures have never even been considered by humanity simply because those animals didn’t leave a fossil record?

  8. So many possibilities. . .but I would totally drop in on Cleopatra VII (before the Romans showed up, of course), Elizabeth I, and I would DEFINITELY go to the times of old black and white films, in the times of Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart,etc. And I completely agree with you about the Beatles!

  9. I would go into the future. With the TARDIS. Because the TARDIS is cool. Just like bow ties, fezzes, and stetsons. Yup. When in the future? Hmm… I don’t know. It just makes more sense to go into the future so I don’t accidentally create any time paradoxes… Although I guess that might happen in the future as well… So maybe I’ll just travel with the Doctor, because the TARDIS always takes him where he needs to go. I could be his new companion. 😛 Youngest one yet.

  10. First I’d visit the ancient Celts, then I’d spend a few months wandering Renaissance Italy (preferably after the plague,) and after that nineteenth century Japan. I’d definitely go into the future to see how humanity has progressed. And I’d take detailed notes of everything.

    • Careful, the ancient Celts have a habit of falling flat on their faces and dying as their heart bursts out of their mouth with a gush of blood with only the slightest embarrassment. But check out Finn mac Cumhaill and Cailte. They’re pretty neat.

  11. I’d go to Hearst Castle in the 1920s, definitely. Other than that, I’m not really sure. Ooh! I would definitely go back and meet some of my favorite authors who died recently (Diana Wynne Jones, Eva Ibbotsen, etc)!!

  12. Hmmm… all of time to choose from? wow…

    I’d learn how to play a lute and a bunch of old-timey ballads and stories. Then I’d travel back to the Middle Ages of Britain and travel through England and Scotland as a bard 🙂 One of the world’s lost trades: the wanderer…

    I’d probably end of screwing up time or creating a paradox or dying … Then the Doctor could come save me 😛

  13. The dark ages – even if they were awful and I probably wouldn’t get far without being accused of witchcraft. For anyone else interested in the middle ages, I gladly laud Michael Crichton’s book, Timeline. It was made into a movie a few years ago, but the book was waaaay better (and you can still imagine Gerard Butler as the main character) 😉

  14. I would go to find Helen in the time of the Trojan War to find out what really happened. Then I would go to a ball in the time of Pride and Prejudice. Then I would travel around to meet the different Monarchs of all the different countries. Then I would go meet all my favorite authors before they were famous. Then I would go to parties and concerts and book sales in all the different times. Then I would go to different times in the future to see what happens and then lastly I would come home and sit and read all my new first editions that I bought and enjoy all the money I invested in Apple and Google during my travels.

  15. Well, I`d take my DeLorean back to 1955 and meet my parents when they were my age, make sure they meet,maybe rock out a little… oh wait, that`s already been done…

    Or, I`d find the 9th or 10th Doctor and go anywhere in time and space that the TARDIS leads us. I`m not picky.

  16. I would go see Vincent Van Gogh and tell him that his work is beautiful even if others can’t see it then I’d go talk to Sir Arthur Conon Doyle and get first copies of Sherlock Holmes. I’d travel by TARDIS if i could figure aout the wibbley wobblet timey wimey stuff

  17. I’d go to Ancient Greece, medieval England, Ireland before Christianity hit them, then I’d go visit Pangaea and map it out to show everyone what it looked like. Of course I’d see the future and look at my line of relatives!

  18. One word: future. Just to sort of see what’s happening. And then, because I’d be so interested, I would just stay. Yeah. 🙂

  19. I’d go to Japan and visit the various eras via TARDIS (who doesn’t?). I’d be able to see what Kanji looked like way back when… and get help for my Japanese class! And then I’d go and visit everywhere else! History is so fascinating, I can’t decide on one set place!

  20. I would go annoy Shakespeare. We know WAY too little about him, and plus we’re missing some of his plays! I would love to know who the dark lady and the young man and the rival are, too

  21. Definitely go to see J. K. Rowling!! I’d also love to go see why Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa! I’d befriend Rick Riordan at my age, and try to convince them not to kill Joan of Arc! I’d love to meet her! I’d fight in wars and make peace with kings. It would be amazing! 🙂

  22. If time travel were real then I would go back in time to stop myself from making all the mistakes that I’ve made.

  23. I’d go back to England and watch a few plays by Shakespreare, it could get me out of reading it for english. Then I’d go attend one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches, I’ve always had an interest in the Civil Rights Act. Then I’ll go see Elvis Presely in concert and get an autograph to keep and cherish and remind me of my amazing adventures.

  24. I’d go see Leonardo da Vinci and probably just revel in his magnificence. Then Tudor times, just to meddle with the passion and fury, and to see if I can “blend” at court. And I wouldn’t mind seeing the end of the world with David Tennant.

    Then I guess I’d have to consult my list of dead people I would’ve been friends with. Here’s a small segment of it (and no, it doesn’t really exist):

    Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Oscar Wilde, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, Emily Dickinson, Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, Galileo Galilei, Beatrix Potter, Agatha Christie, etc.

  25. Hmmm…. I would go see
    -Twelfth Night’s opening night
    -One of Beethoven’s concerts
    -Handel’s Messiah
    -Francis Xavier
    -Paul Mikki and companions
    -The Passion-the REAL one-and Resurrection
    -The Ascension and Assumption
    -the Grimm brothers
    -the 1940s
    -the Inklings, especially Lewis and Tolkien
    -George Washington
    -Lewis and Clark expedition
    -the first performance of each of Tchaikovsky’s ballets
    -Emily Dickinson
    -Abe Lincoln (who is NOT a vampire slayer – just to make that clear)
    -Boniface chopping down the Germanic people’s sacred tree (6’5″ monk appearing from out of the surrounding forest, chopping down a sacred tree almost effortlessly. I would PAY to see this!)
    -Lawrence, the guy who was able to joke while being grilled to death (“Flip me over, I’m done on this side!”)
    -Thomas Moore
    -and many, many more things that have slipped my mind at the moment!

  26. Well…FIRST I would find Doctor Who and travel in the Tardis, where? Well maybe Leonardo da Vanci…William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, or like the time of Jesus…the possibilities are ENDLESS. But with the TARDIS and all, I could go just about anywhere.

  27. If I could time travel, I would definitely go to the future, around 2300. I want to see how much stuff has changed. That is, if the world doesn’t end at the end of the year!!! 🙂

  28. I would probably like to visit a Beatles’ concert, be part of the era of fictional Zorro, visit Narnia….Gosh, I would go everywhere! If only!

  29. I would go back to Ancient Greece, and then to a Scottish Isle about two hundred years ago… Then I’d probably visit Rome and Germany when it was first founded… Then I’d travel back to the time of Thomas Jefferson briefly, afterwards becoming a pirate! It would be awesome… As long as I could get back to 2012. 🙂

  30. Way freaky cool! Who wouldn’t want to time travel? I would go check out Shakespeare for sure! Hmm, where else would I go? How about Ancient Egypt to meet King Tut? I’d hop over to 1800’s London and meet Charles Dickens. Then probably I’d visit the American Revolution, and maybe hop into the Thirties and join the cast of extras on “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (and maybe score Errol Flynn’s autograph!)

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