Figment’s Favorite Time Travelers

The Doomsday Code, Alex Scarrow’s third novel in the TimeRiders series, is the story of Liam, Maddy, and Sal, three teens who work for a secret organization dedicated to protecting the world from the dangers of time travel. Their destination? Sherwood Forest, 1193. Their mission? To discover how the name of a 20th-century computer hacker ended up in a thousand-year-old manuscript.

The TimeRiders’ adventures got us thinking about all the awesome time travelers in books, movies, and TV shows. There are tons of them! Which kind of voyager rules time and space? Check out our list of the different types of time travelers and vote for your favorite below!

Matt SmithThe Naturals:
The Doctor from Doctor Who

Some characters are just naturally able to travel through time. The Doctor’s a Timelord, so he’s able to understand time in a way that makes most people’s heads spin. With the help of his TARDIS, the Doctor is able to navigate his way through the ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff to fight off evil aliens and save the world(s).

Other Naturals include:
Hiro from Heroes
The Flash from Flash Comics
Henry from The Time Traveler’s Wife
Rufus from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Prisoner of Azkaban JK RowlingThe Teen Travelers:
Harry and Hermione from
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Sometimes, time travel works best when you leave the adults out of it. Harry and Hermione use the handy-dandy Time Turner to go back in time and save Sirius and Buckbeak. Why can’t they also use it to kill Voldemort before his rise to power? Or to bring Dumbledore back to life? Don’t be silly, you guys, Hermione has a LOT of classes to get to.

Other Teen Travelers include:
Meg Murry from A Wrinkle in Time
Phil from Phil of the Future
Artemis Fowl from Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

Back to the FutureThe Geniuses:
Doc Brown from Back to the Future

The Geniuses may be a little crazy, but one thing’s for sure: they understand time so well that they’re able to build their own time machines. Doc Brown is definitely out-there (no one with hair like that can be totally sane, right?). Still, he manages to turn a sports car into a functioning time machine, which is probably slightly harder than changing the tires.

Other Geniuses include:
Jimmy Neutron from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
The Time Traveler from The Time Machine

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe Villains:
The Terminator from
The Terminator

Not everyone uses time travel for good. When the bad guys harness the power to send people through time, stuff like the Terminator happens. The Terminator, a killer cyborg, goes back in time to, well, terminate Sarah Connor. Sarah keeps escaping, but you know the Terminator . . . he’ll be back.

Other Villains include:
Ron Silver from Timecop
Dr. Evil from Austin Powers

The Crazy-Complicated Travelers:
Everyone from Lost

Sometimes, the lives of time travelers aren’t super easy to understand. Exhibit A: Lost. We get people returning from the dead, characters falling in love across time, flash-forwards, flashbacks, even alternate timelines. Props to the inhabitants of the island for understanding how their brand of time travel works; we’re still trying to figure it out.

Other Crazy-Complicated Travelers include:
The Robinsons from Meet the Robinsons
Everyone from Terra Nova
Joe in Looper 

Which category of time traveler uses their powers best? Vote below! And be sure to leave us a comment if we left out your favorite time traveler!

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6 thoughts on “Figment’s Favorite Time Travelers

  1. Okay so while I love almost all of those time travelers. My most favorite would have to be the amazing Gallifreyan time lord, DOCTOR WHO!!! I have been with that TV series since Tom Baker was the Doctor. I am a true blue whovian & so I must go with the Natural Time Traveler.
    Sorry for the long reply. I WANTED TO DO IT!!!!

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