Vote Now: Pop Culture’s Coolest Clones

Rachel CohnIn Beta by Rachel Cohn, we’re introduced to the lavish island of Demesne, a paradise where everything is bioengineered to be perfect. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well . . . not if you’re Elysia, a teenage clone whose sole purpose is to serve Demesne’s residents. She’s supposed to be totally soulless, but she finds herself starting to feel emotions she shouldn’t be capable of. Will Elysia and the other clones rebel, or will she be forced to endure life on Demesne?

Clones have been involved in science fiction for ages. Whether they’re good, evil or just plain misunderstood, these carbon copies can make for compelling characters. Inspired by Elysia in Beta, here are some of our favorite pop-culture clones. Take a look at our picks, and be sure to vote for the best below!

Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta
from The Island

Lincoln and Jordan think they’re just regular people, but it turns out they’re clones bred for quick-and-easy organ harvesting. Since this fate obviously sucks, they go rogue to try and escape. They also end up learning that they’re way better people than their “real” human counterparts. Clone power!


David from AI: Artificial Intelligence

Although David’s technically a super-realistic robot, not a clone, he suffers from some common clone problems. Like not being considered a real person, or having to compete with his human brother, Martin, for attention. Sibling rivalry’s tough to begin with, but when you add in human-robot conflict? Yeah, definitely not so much fun.



Ripley 8 from Alien Resurrection

Ripley 8 is a clone of Ellen Ripley from the first three Alien movies, but the characters aren’t totally identical. Since Ripley was pregnant with an alien baby when she was cloned, Ripley 8 has some strange tendencies, including sympathy for the aliens. We don’t know the science behind alien DNA, but that sounds pretty plausible . . .



Boomer Shannon Valerii Grace ParkBoomer from
Battlestar Galactica

Shannon Valerii, otherwise known as Boomer, is a Cylon, a humanoid robot. She’s a pilot on the Galactica and she’s been programmed to sabotage the ship. Just your typical evil clone plotline, right? But Boomer has NO IDEA she’s a Cylon. All her thoughts and memories were fabricated to make her think she’s a human. ANYONE could be a Cylon! Scary stuff, you guys.


Kyle from Kyle XY

If there’s one word that describes Kyle, it’s mysterious. He wakes up in a forest with no memories and some pretty cool psychic abilities. It’s finally revealed that he’s not a normal teenager, but the result of a human cloning project. Surprise! (Although his lack of belly button probably should’ve tipped someone off.)



The Kid Army from Spy Kids

They might look adorable and harmless, but the robot clones in Spy Kids are designed to be merciless fighting machines. Taking down everyone from grown men to their human counterparts, these pint-sized warriors are unstoppable. It’s too bad they can’t use their powers for good . . . or can they?



Who wins the title of coolest clone? Vote below, and leave us a comment to let us know which ones we left out!


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