VIDEO: Kami Garcia Wants to Talk to You!

This Halloween, we’ve got three masters of fear coming to Figment. Need proof of their reign of terror?

FACT: Maureen Johnson‘s stare can freeze your blood from fifty paces.
FACT: If Ransom Riggs takes your photograph, he gains possession of your immortal soul.
FACT: Kami Garcia can control your thoughts simply by writing your name on three leaves, burning them, and mixing the ashes with porridge on the first dawn of a new year.

Also they write scary stuff.

Join Maureen, Ransom, and Kami—and Figment!—live on Tuesday, October 30 at 7 p.m. ET for a chat all about writing frightening fiction. Oh what, our invitation isn’t impressive enough for you? Okay, then here’s Kami to invite you herself:


Visit the event page now and sign up for a reminder!

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