Beyond Les Mis: 6 Musicals that Should Be Movies

As most of you know by now, a movie of the musical version of Les Miserables is coming out this winter! I’m super pumped, and if you’re reading this post, I’m sure you are, too. It was also recently announced that Anna Kendrick will be starring in a movie version of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years, which is nowhere near as mainstream as the Mis, so that’s pretty exciting for all us MT dorks out there.

In the interest of continuing the trend of FILM-ALL-THE-MUSICALS, here’s what I’d like to see made into movies next.


Book of Mormon movieBook Of Mormon

Please? Ticket prices for this are out of control, and it is sooo funny. I would also really like to see what happens when a film crew shows up in rural Uganda. We could make a portion of the box office proceeds go to terrible-disease prevention, just to feel better about ourselves for making light of their hardships. Woooorth it.




Wild Party movieThe Wild Party (Lippa version)

If you haven’t heard it, Spotify it, because its songs are amazing (Idina’s in it!), and it’s full of debauchery. TWP is about a (wild) party in the 1920’s, complete with love triangles, a bored vaudeville dancer looking to stir up trouble, and an insane clown. Seriously, it would make The Great Gatsby look like a documentary on amoeba.


spring awakening movieSpring Awakening

How is this NOT a movie yet? Apparently music video guru McG is attached to direct it, but there’s no sign of anything concrete happening. Just sayin’, Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff reprising the roles they originated on Broadway = box office gold. Also, our musical-hater friends would inadvertently hear its rock music in previews, and they’d be all like, “OH, you are cool.” And we could be like, “YEAH, maybe you should have listened to that playlist I made you six years ago instead of just giving me grief about liking musicals.”


in the heights movieIn the Heights

Seeing this live was fantastic, and I would love a way to be able to relive the thrill of those Latin dance sequences. Also, I would love to see what happens when they try to take Broadway rap into the real world. Someone might get hurt.



next to normal movieNext to Normal

…with Aaron Tveit playing Gabe, the role he originated on Broadway. I just really want to see Aaron Tveit on the big screen.

Preferably shirtless.




aaron tveit

This is a picture of Aaron Tveit.

He’s actually going to be Enjolras in the Les Mis movie! Get excited!




Oh, and Next To Normal is a great, moving musical about a woman battling schizophrenia, so it’s totally important and stuff. (I read that Rob Reiner wants to make it, so hopefully it’ll happen.)


hair musicalHair

Before you start with me — I know! A movie version of Hair came out in 1979, and it’s a sacred classic that we daren’t touch. But maaaaaybe it’s a little inaccessible to this generation, and maaaaybe it features a little too much frolicking through parks for my taste. (Seriously, watch it. So much senseless frolicking.) The revival on Broadway a few years ago managed to make what could have been a “look at the weird hippies!” museum piece into something relevant, which makes me think a remake of the movie would be pretty sweet. And just think – this one could feature Aaron Tveit as well. You know why.



What do you think? What other musicals would you like to see made into movies? Let us know in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “Beyond Les Mis: 6 Musicals that Should Be Movies

  1. Love Never Dies. I know it’s considerably “new” but I would love to see a sequel of POTO with Gerald and Emmy playing the Phantom and Christine. I’d see it opening night!

  2. Gah, not The Book of Mormon. I get asked enough already if I’m part of a cult, or if I have horns or something wierd like that. I will admit though, that I laughed my head off when I heard the Church put an ad in the program for the musical with a picture of the Book of Mormon that said “The book is always better.” Haha, soooooooooooo true!
    I’m absolutely stoked to see Les Miserables.

  3. “The Book of Mormon” is wrong and it makes fun of our religion. It has a couple of true things in it, but most of the time it’s just making fun. If the same thing was about Jews, or Muslims, or even Catholics, there would be an uprising. Do you want to know why there isn’t an uprising among the Latter Day Saints? Because we’re too nice, and we hope that because they saw the musical, people will want to learn more about the church. Please, if you want to learn more about the gospel, go to

  4. One word WICKED!!!!! I am a firm believer in musicals being turned into movies, but most of these except Hair and Book of Mormon have I actually heard of. I am a total musical lover, but maybe more widely known musicals should convert first, like Anything Goes.

  5. Kathy: AHHHH! I LOVE Love Never Dies. And it is a movie, actually. The Autralian production was filmed and released on DVD with Anna O’Bryne and Ben Lewis as Christine and the Phantom, respectively. Anna is great, but Ben is a little weak. I wish they filmed the London cast (Christine: Sierra Boggess, The Phantom: Ramin Karimloo) with the Australian staging. That would be just about too much awesomeness on one stage to handle.

    And I second Wicked! Because I’ve never seen it live… 🙁

  6. I’m glad to see that other people care about (and even know about for that matter) these musicals as much as I do!! And I agree with absolutely everything.

      • I’m late, but I believe the correct answer is Darren.
        (Or Dan, I love him too, but he’s already majorly mainstream, y’know. And he needed representation on here)

      • I’m late, but I believe the correct answer is Darren (or Dan, I love him too, but he’s already majorly mainstream, y’know? Plus, Darren needed representation here.)

  7. There should be a new movie of the Phantom of the Opera! I did enjoy the recent video of the performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

  8. What about these:

    Jekyll and Hyde
    Dracula (the Frank Wildhorn Version)
    Dance of the Vampires (not the Broadway Version)

    I would just LOVE to see one of them as a movie!

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