Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

The Harry Potter movies may have come to an end, but you can make the magic continue with your own Harry Potter costume. There’s the adorable, the evil, the inappropriate, and the–you know who you are–lazy. No matter what your M.O., there’s a costume for you.

Adorable Harry Potter Costumes


Harry Potter Costume Hedwig Costume Luna Costume Hermione Costume

Look at that Hedwig! It’s a BABY HEDWIG! Guys—get your younger siblings into these Hedwig costumes, stat.

Scary Harry Potter Costumes


Harry Potter Costumes Voldermort Costume Death Eater COstume

How is it okay to dress a child like a Death Eater? Bad parenting. For shame, really.

Lazy Harry Potter Costumes

If you’re looking for last-minute Harry Potter costumes, all it really takes is a cloak and a stick. Don’t have a cloak? Last-minute alternatives include:

  • A dark colored Snuggie
  • A black sheet
  • A be-Sharpied T-shirt that you wear with your arms inside.

You can be an incognito Death Eater by just drawing a snakeskull on your arm.
If you’re a red-head, congrats! You’re already a lost Weasley.
You can dress all in white and be a Patronus.
Or you could always go all out and be a Muggle, you creative thing you!

Top center and right from HalloweenCostumes.com, all others from spirithalloween.com. Image on the blog homepage from Mask-Arcade via Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

  1. I actually dressed as muggle once. About two weeks ago we had to come to school in our Halloween costumes and I didn’t know what to do so I taped a sign that said “MUGGLE” to my back

    • Hey, wow, that’s actually a great idea! It’s probably one of the ones that would need to be explained, but still…worth it. And you could go around asking people very serious questions about rubber ducks and eckletricity–I may do this at some point, it sounds like fun 😀


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