October Mourning Pantoum Challenge Winners!

When Lesléa Newman stopped by Figment to talk about her new poetry collection, October Mourning, she also challenged you to try your hand at writing a pantoum. She used her poem, “The Fence,” as an example. In a pantoum, each stanza is four lines long. The second and fourth line of one stanza becomes the first and third line of the following stanza. This means that every line of the poem is used twice.

You stepped up to the challenge and today’s homepage features our four favorites pantoums from the challenge. Check them out below. Well done, Figs!

“I Choose Carefully” by earthboundpixie

“Date on Seventh Ave” by Lauren Renee

“The Unemployment Shuffle” by ShadowWriter

“Plea to the Bystanders” by Whitney Zahar


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