The Lost Prince Twitter Contest

Ethan Chase hates the fey. At a young age, he had a traumatic experience in the faery world of Nevernever and ever since, he doesn’t trust faeries. Ethan does his best to ignore them, even though they are always getting him into trouble.

But you can’t escape your fate, no matter how you try to ignore it. When Ethan is forced to journey to Nevernever and see his sister, Meghan Chase, Queen of the Iron Fey, he has to overcome his fears and his distrust.

In honor of faery world in Julie Kagawa’s new novel, The Lost Prince, we’re hosting a twitter contest!

Join us on Friday, November 2 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET. We’ll be tweeting out facts about fey. Retweet these facts for a chance to win one of three Lost Prince Prize Packs that includes a copy of The Lost Prince and The Iron Fey boxed set.

How to Enter:

1. Follow us on Twitter!

2. This Friday, November 2 from 12:00 p.m. ET to 3:00 p.m. ET, we’ll be tweeting our favorite faery facts. These facts will be tagged #IronFey Follow @FigmentFiction on Twitter and retweet any of the tagged facts for a chance to win. For every fact you retweet, you’ll be entered, so retweet every fact to increase your chances!

Winners will be contacted by Direct Message and must be following @FigmentFiction in order to be eligible to win.

Follow us on Twitter here and read the full guidelines here!

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  1. To the Figment Moderators: This is an urgent Figment plea for help!! >< I am posting this a second time and hopefully someone can help me and my friend! Please!

    Please, please help my friend Melody C. — she cannot access her account= "inactive" apparently? and her account is super important to her– also, she is a finalist for WhoDoneIt, and now no one can access her work "De Jure Innocent" because it needs an access key that she never placed on the book! Is her account hacked? If so, is there any way to reactivate it so she can access it again?

    Thank you so much!
    Sarah, on behalf of Melody

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